San Francisco

Few cities are as instantly recognizable as San Francisco. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the "The Rock," Here's your guide to our most iconic landmarks.

A man overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge with mountains in the background.
Just another heart-stopping view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What makes San Francisco one of the world's most compelling destinations? Its many icons.

Recognized around the world as being synonymous with San Francisco, these seven legendary attractions should be at the top of any visitor's itinerary. Each has its own fascinating history, offers multiple visitor experiences, and will wow your friends and followers with their photogenic beauty.

The skyline of San Francisco is seen from the air in a golden light.
A happy couple visit San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf at night.
Always San Francisco

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Walking around the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park towards the Skystar Wheel
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The Golden Gate Bridge at sunset with a multicolored sky and the San Francisco Bay in the foreground.
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