See how world-renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy uses the natural beauty and environment of the Presidio to showcase his four incredible art installations.

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Presidio of San Francisco
March 11, 2020
"Woodline" by Andy Goldsworthy

Four Breathtaking Art Installations in the Presidio

Just like many neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Presidio is one that radiates with artistic spirit. World-renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy uses the natural beauty and environment of the Presidio to showcase four incredible art installations—all made with repurposed materials found within the park. Visit these beautiful art pieces through a guided art hike, or discover them on a self-guided three-mile hiking loop.


Goldsworthy was inspired to create his first Presidio art installation, "Spire," when he learned the Presidio’s aging forest was being gradually replanted in order to thrive for generations. Goldsworthy took 37 fallen Monterey cypress trunks from the forest and fastened them together to form a 100-foot-tall and 15-foot-wide installation. It's a powerful symbol of the rejuvenation of the Presidio forest. As the young cypress planted around the sculpture grow tall, Spire is fated to fade into the forest – like the old trees welcoming the new.

How to get there: "Spire" is accessible by foot via the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

"Wood Line"

If you're walking down Lover's Lane, you'll be met with Andy Goldsworthy's "Wood Line," a curvy line of branches tucked into the forest floor that measures more than 1,200 feet in length. It’s made from eucalyptus branches formed into a sinuous line. "Wood Line" invites play; children (and big kids) can often be seen tracing its path. It will one day naturally fade back into the earth.

How to get there: "Wood Line" is accessible by foot via Lovers' Lane.

"Tree Fall"

Located in the Presidio’s historic Powder Magazine, a small structure on the Main Post dating from the Civil War, Goldsworthy’s "Tree Fall" is the first Presidio installation that he created indoors. Comprised of a tree branch suspended from the domed roof, "Tree Fall" invites viewers to contemplate the relationship between what's natural and what's built. It's open for free docent-led tours every weekend from noon to 3 pm.

How to get there: Look for a petite structure with a red-tile roof southeast of the Main Parade Ground.

"Earth Wall"

"​Earth Wall" is Andy Goldsworthy's fourth and most recent Presidio installation. It's located in the courtyard at the historic Presidio Officers’ Club and is a nod to the ongoing archaeology digs and gradual revitalization of the park's forest. The sculpture's six-foot-wide half sphere is made out of curved eucalyptus branches sourced from fallen trees in the park and clay taken from the courtyard during the club's renovation. 
How to get there: "Earth Wall" is open to the public during the Presidio Officers' Club hours of operations (Tues.-Sun., 10 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Mondays).

Download the map of all four art installations here.


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