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May 21, 2020

What to Expect Traveling Through San Francisco International Airport

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) continues to lead the way on health and safety measures impacted by COVID-19. To ensure a safe and enjoyable time for essential travel, here is what travelers can expect at the airport.

Facial masking is required at SFO

All passengers and employees must wear facial coverings/masks anytime they are at SFO. Also, many airlines now require facial masking onboard aircraft. Please check with your airline for more details.

Physical distancing provisions are in place

To help travelers to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others, SFO has installed more than 4,000 spacing markers in queuing and seating areas. Elevators are limited to a maximum of two passengers. Signage and announcements remind passengers to practice physical distancing.

Measures to support good hand hygiene are in effect

SFO has installed hundreds of hand sanitizers throughout the terminals, and the TSA now allows travelers to bring up a container of liquid hand sanitizer, up to 12 ounces in size, in carry-on baggage. The larger hand sanitizer containers will be screened separately. All other liquids and gels in a carry-on are limited to 3.4 ounces.

In terminal restrooms, SFO has deactivated hand dryers under current health guidance; disposable paper towels are available for drying hands.

Protective plastic barriers are being installed

To protect passengers and employees, clear plastic barriers are being installed in locations where face-to-face interactions might take place, such as information booths, airline ticket counters, and TSA podiums.

Enhanced cleaning measures continue

SFO staff continue increased cleaning of facilities with EPA-approved effective germicidal agent that kills all coronaviruses and is outlined in CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfection.

The SFO team employs no-touch cleaning systems, including all-surface equipment and battery-operated disinfectant sprayers, to clean, rinse, and dry surfaces and recover the water used without ever touching a surface.

Essential facilities remain open.

Although SFO has consolidated operations in its facilities, essential services remain open, including the SFO Medical Clinic and on-airport hotel, the Grand Hyatt at SFO.

Each terminal still has a limited number of food, beverage, and newsstand retail outlets open. Visit and for a list of open businesses.

Tips for Travelers

  • Minimize touch points during travel; use mobile boarding passes, Mobile Passport Control, and prepayment of baggage fees to reduce areas being touched.
  • Allow adequate time; although passenger volumes remain low, travelers should still allow enough time to make their flight. Checkpoint wait times at SFO are available at the TSA website.
  • Passenger pick-ups and drop-offs are still allowed, and taxis, ride-hailing apps, rental cars, and on-airport parking garages remain available. BART and SamTrans are still operating on reduced schedules

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