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Immediately south of San Francisco, a band of communities and a variety of hotel options curve along the shoreline of San Francisco Bay, encompassing Candlestick Point to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in San Mateo County. SFO is not only one of the world’s premier gateways, it is practically a city in itself. The airport boasts an accredited art museum; a soaring, billion-dollar International Terminal; clusters of shops stocked with keepsakes, locally made chocolates and sourdough morsels; a world-class hotel, directly connected to the terminals; and a bounty of multicultural restaurants – many of them offshoots of Bay Area culinary favorites.

Small towns like Brisbane, with its community pool, terrific trails up the San Bruno Mountains. and local artist exhibitions flank the SFO area and show the individuality that Californians so enjoy. Beyond the immediate airport region, San Mateo County offers walking trails along the Bay, winding roads in the Santa Cruz mountains, 60 miles of coastline, and a bevvy of dining and recreational options in its cities and towns within the upper region of Silicon Valley.

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