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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
May 21, 2019

A Must-See Andy Warhol Exhibit Lands at SFMOMA in 2019

The Andy Warhol exhibit has ended at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Please visit SFMOMA for current exhibitions.

Iconic artist Andy Warhol is featured at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in an exclusive West Coast presentation of Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again on view from May 19 to Sept. 2, 2019. This exhibition provides new insight into Andy Warhol himself by examining the complexities of this enigmatic artist more than 30 years after his death.

Exhibition Information

First presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, this exhibition provides an opportunity for new generations to reconsider Andy Warhol, one of the most influential, inventive and important American artists. Warhol’s understanding of the growing power of images in contemporary life anticipated our social media-focused world and helped to expand the artist’s role in society, making him one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century.

Spanning the artist’s 40-year career and featuring more than 300 works on three different floors of the museum, the exhibition includes paintings, drawings, graphics, photographs, films, and television shows, as well as a personal time capsule of ephemera. SFMOMA’s impressive holdings of many of the artist’s most important works including "National Velvet" (1963), "Liz #6 (Early Colored Liz)" (1963), "Triple Elvis (Ferus Type)", (1963), "Silver Marlon" (1963), "Robert Mapplethorpe" (1983), and self-portraits will also be showcased.

On the museum’s second floor, two galleries of works on paper offer a detailed look at Warhol’s earliest drawings from the 1940s and hand-drawn commercial illustrations created for advertising in the 1950s. These early drawings lay the groundwork for many of the techniques and approaches he would use throughout his career.

In SFMOMA’s fourth-floor special exhibition galleries, the exhibition takes visitors chronologically through the arc of Warhol’s career and his production in painting, drawing, photography, film and installation. The first half of the exhibition opens with his best known work from the creatively active period of 1960–68. The exhibition then highlights Warhol’s depictions of celebrities, including Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. Samples of Warhol’s films and videos will be on view in a dedicated black-box gallery, before subjects take a darker turn with Warhol's Death and Disaster paintings (1963-64).

Visitors can then enjoy a bold immersive experience with the artist's 16 colorful Flower paintings (1964) and a shift to sculpture with the Mylar balloon creation "Silver Clouds" (1966). Warhol's work of the 1960s and 1980s focusing on post-Pop art is also highlighted, also with a look into his fascination with gender and identity and his experiments with abstract painting. Warhol’s influence on the young artists of New York's East Village in the 1980s is highlighted through collaborative works created with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Two galleries on the museum’s fifth floor Pop, Minimal and Figurative Art presentation feature a 1970s “facebook” of wall-to-wall grids of large-scale silk-screened portraits representing a “who’s who” of celebrities, cultural icons, gallerists, athletes and business leaders. These galleries feature nearly 40 portraits such as Liza Minnelli (1978), Pelé (1977), and Gianni Versace (1979–80), as well as the artist’s mother, Julia Warhola (1974).

Uncannily relevant in today's image-driven world, Andy Warhol reveals the artists's understanding of the growing power of images in contemporary life, making him one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century. Andy Warhol - From A and B to Back Again is on view from May 19 through Sep. 2, 2019. Further information, and ticket purchase, is available at SFMOMA online.

General Information

Founded in 1935 as the first West Coast Museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, SFMOMA is conveniently located in the Yerba Buena arts district, near both Union Square and Moscone Center.

Groups of 10 or more can save on general admission, and tour operator rates and private guided tours may be available.


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