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August 21, 2014

Places to Drink Wine: Dogpatch WineWorks

Urban wineries are not just for winemaking but also function as venues for wine tasting. When Dave Gifford and Kevin Doucet opened up Dogpatch WineWorks tasting room in 2012, they realized that while their industrial setting was not as scenic as Napa, it still provided a unique environment in one of San Francisco’s trendiest neighborhoods where people can relax and try a variety of wines.

Featuring selections from its custom crush clients including Jazz Cellars, Pug Wines and Seamus Wines, DWW offers a range of popular California varietals though occasionally an odd ball makes its way into the mix. Gifford and Doucet, both who have winemaking backgrounds, are very hands on and while they do not make all of the wines that are poured, they are proud of what their facility allows them to accomplish.

Eight whites and ten reds are available by the glass in two and five ounce pours. Some of the wines being featured this month are the 2013 Passagio Rosé, which at the low end sells for $2.50 for a small taste, $5 for a glass and the 2009 Pug Cabernet Sauvignon from the Brown Vineyard in the Chiles Valley, that at $5.50 for a taste and $12.50 a glass is the most expensive wine that is served.

Working with highly sought after fruit sources such as the Keller Vineyard in Sonoma and Farella Vineyard in Napa, it is amazing that they can offer these wines at such reasonable prices but Doucet sees this as an advantage over most of the tasting rooms you will find in the wine country, which can be pricy.

If you want to try a number of wines, order a flight. The April white wine flight, “April Showers,” includes the Passaggio Rosé, 2012 Pug Blanc, a Marsanne/Roussane blend from the Russian River and the 2013 Séamus Pearl Pinot Gris from Lodi. It cost $8.5 for a two-ounce pour of each. The corresponding red, “Bring Red Flowers,” features the Pug Cabernet along with the 2011 Hardball Cellars Pinot Noir from the Russian River and 2011 J2 Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi. This one is $12.50 but is still reasonable for six ounces of wine, a very generous glass pour, in San Francisco.

DWW also offers blending classes that have been used by businesses for team building and groups of friends who want to learn first hand about this process. There is also a TV loop near the bar that covers the steps of winemaking from the vineyard to the bottle.

In an effort to “sell not only the wine but the fun that goes with it,” the entry way has been made a little homier with dangerously comfortable couches and a high top table. A cheese plate is available ($15) and if you happen to be with beer drinking buddies, there are a couple of northern California microbrews for the taking.  

While it is hard to replace the beauty of the sun shining on a vineyard, urban wineries are certainly more convenient when time is of the essence or if you would rather enjoy what the city has to offer than spend hours in a car. If wine tasting is one of the “to-dos” when you are traveling in the Bay Area, be sure to add Dogpatch WineWorks to your list.

Dogpatch WineWorks
2455 Third Street

Photo by Sergio Ruiz / CC BY-NC

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