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December 8, 2014

Visitor Information Center FAQ

Visitor Information Center FAQ

  • Services more than 400,000 visitors per year
  • Diverse staff; 14 languages spoken
  • Staff and volunteers are extremely knowledgeable of San Francisco and the Bay Area; continuously informing ourselves of anything/everything new in the city
  • Curators of the San Francisco experience: high-touch, 1-on-1 with visitors
  • Great content and information for tourists and locals alike

Volunteer FAQ

How do I become a volunteer?
The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out the application and send it in. You will then be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator for an interview.

Where is the Visitor Information Center located?
The Vistitor Information Center is located about 900 Market Street, Lower Hallidie Plaza near the Powell BART Station.

What are some of the requirements for new volunteers at the Visitor Information Center?
This position is a high touch, customer-facing environment where you will be roaming the floor. New volunteers are required to complete their Greeter training within the first three months of volunteering, including: Partner Orientation, "You're All Set" service module, brochure inventory and restocking, and at least three field trip activities to popular destinations.

How do I maintain Active Volunteer Status and what is the time commitment?
To maintain an active volunteer status, you must commit to one volunteer shift per week for a duration of four hours for one full calendar year. Your annual volunteer hours worked must equal a minimum of 180 hours (45 shifts). Active volunteers are required to attend all quarterly staff educational meetings. In order to qualify to work Information Desk shifts, you must complete required trainings and approvals and make a long-term active volunteer commitment. Several of our volunteers have been with us for more than 10 years (so we hope this will not be a difficult commitment for you to make).

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