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Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco Dungeon

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Come on a 60 minute adventure through San Francisco's most riveting and sinister past where the audience is part of the show. Guests experience gripping storytelling, a full theatrical cast, special effects, and 360-degree sets at The San Francisco Dungeon, the first attraction of its kind in North America. From Gold Rush to Gangs, the characters in 9 live actor shows take you on a journey through the grisly and authentic history of the Bay Area. Meet the Rat Catcher who delights in detailing the pungent truth of the Plague, learn the horrible truth behind the black trade of "shanghaiing" on the dark boat ride, and experience many more shocking stories.

To complete the Dungeon tour experience, guests are guided through the infamous Alcatraz prison and prison yard to join an escape attempt; the brand new Escape Alcatraz drop ride takes visitors on an exhilarating "jump" from Alcatraz into the waters of the Bay. Experience San Francisco's scariest and funniest attraction! Guarantee your entry and book with us now!

San Francisco Dungeon

145 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, California 94133

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