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August 26, 2014
A Glimpse of the Eel River, Mendocino County

75 Mile Drive: Mendocino County Coastal Route Gualala To Westport

Note: when asking for any of these options, please refer to "The Golden Gate Package."

This route takes you along the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), basically from Southern to Northern Mendocino County. To get to the coast there are numerous scenic ways to traverse the Coastal Range from inland Highway 101 to arrive at Highway 1. Check your map and allow enough time to marvel at the views and the Redwoods. This route also can be reversed, beginning in Westport, if you are heading back to the city. Take some time to stop at one of the rest stops or pocket beaches and view the majesty of the mighty Pacific.

Itinerary Options

Wineries don’t thrive on the Coast as wine grapes require more hot weather than is usually present, but Pacific Star, ( – 707-964-1155 or 707-962-9463) with tasting rooms in Fort Bragg and at the winery north of Fort Bragg, will offer free tastings and a $75 wine sampler of some of their most popular wines.

The Coastal Route passes some of the most interesting State Parks such as Van Damme, Jughandle and Russian Gulch where hiking trails and incredible views entice all kinds of visitors. (
In Mendocino, on the Big River, stop at Catch A Canoe and Bicycles Too, part of the Stanford Inn, an eco-resort. ( – 707-937-0273 and Do the brand new Solar Eco Tour!  Running everyday at 11:30 am until September 2nd, it costs $65 per person for a 2 hour trip on this ultra-stable redwood outrigger that uses solar, wind and human power to silently cruise along Mendocino’s Big River Estuary. We did not forget about our 75 theme, so for an extra $10 you can rent a bicycle for 3 hours as well( a $28 value) bringing the total to $75 per person and 5 hours of fun!

Your lodging in Gualala is the Gualala Country Inn where you can get a room for $75 plus tax. ( – 707-884-4343).
In Westport you can overnight at the Westport Hotel ( – 707-964-3688) where your lodging will cost $75 per person plus taxes.

If you want to have dinner on the way to Westport, the specials at the Mendo Bistro ( – 707-964-4974) and Cliff House Restaurant ( – 707-961-0255) both in Fort Bragg, apply - $75 for a meal for two, including wine at the Cliff House. 
In Westport the Westport Hotel dining room, open on weekends, serves gourmet meals. Ask for their special package, a dinner for two with two entrees (which include salad or soup) and two desserts for $75, tax, gratuity and alcohol not included.

Photo by Bob Dass / CCBY

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