Pride is a state of mind in San Francisco

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May 11, 2020

San Francisco Pride Is A State of Mind

In San Francisco, Pride is more than a parade. It's a year-round state of mind. It's a purpose and a cause. And it's something you'll find in every neighborhood and every community of our great city.

It wasn't an accident that San Francisco became the LGBTQ capital of the world. We've always been a city where everyone is welcome, where boldness is rewarded, and where nothing is more valued than the freedom to express yourself.

You can see Pride in our past, in trailblazers like Harvey Milk, the fight against AIDS, and the fight for marriage equality. You can see Pride in our present, in the creative ways we support and champion each other, no matter the distance. And you will see Pride in our future, no matter if that's five, ten, or one hundred years from now.

Whether it's with the family you're born to or the family you made, celebrate San Francisco Pride, now and always. Because our community is your community.


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