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February 7, 2022

San Francisco On Screen: Where Famous Films & TV Shows Were Shot Around the City

The film industry might have started in Southern California, but San Francisco has a long and colorful history with film that will make any self-proclaimed film geek giddy. From cinema classics to today’s biggest blockbusters, San Francisco has made plenty of appearances on the silver screen. Here are some of our favorite film locations in the city when you get a chance to come visit. While you're are at home, here's how you can view San Francisco on your TV whenever you feel a binge coming on.

"Always Be My Maybe"

This modern-day "When Harry Met Sally" follows two childhood friends, Sasha and Marcus, as they reunite after years apart and explore their complicated friendship. This film has been celebrated for its diversity and celebration of Asian-American heritage, so there is no question that this story was made for San Francisco.

Musée Mécanique
The Embarcadero at Pier 45
As kids, Sasha and Marcus take pictures in the photo booth.

Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon St.
Sasha takes Marcus as her date to a red carpet event.

Pier 7
The Embarcadero
Sasha and Marcus go fishing.

"Ant-Man / Ant-Man and the Wasp"

Several San Francisco locations can be seen throughout the thrilling car chase scenes, the most famous of which ends at Fisherman’s Wharf.

601 Buena Vista Ave.
Hank Pym’s Victorian house.

Fort Point National Historic Site
End of Marine Dr. in the Presidio
Scott reflects on his past after being released from prison.


We couldn’t think of a better setting than the streets of San Francisco for the best movie car chase ever. The action in this Steve McQueen classic set the precedent and has been often copied but never matched.

Taylor and Vallejo streets
Russian Hill
The chase begins.

"Dirty Harry"

As renegade cop Harry Callahan, Clint Eastwood gives us so many great scenes as he roams the streets. Here are a few must-see locations from the classic.

Bank of America Building
555 California St.

Kezar Stadium
Frederick Street, Golden Gate Park

Mt. Davidson Landmark Park and Cross
125 Dalewood Way

"Full House" / "Fuller House"

“You got it, dude!” This beloved sitcom and its sequel have stayed in the hearts of millions for decades. While most of the show was filmed in a studio, the Tanners’ house is very real, even though its famous red door has gotten a paint job since filming.

Alamo Square Park
Steiner and Hayes streets
This is the famous park across from the Painted Ladies featured in opening title sequence.

Tanner-Fuller house
1709 Broderick St.


Embracing the gay culture of San Francisco, "Looking" follows three gay friends traversing life and relationships in the city. San Francisco is shown in a new light, avoiding the overused sights in favor of lesser known icons and a more genuine representation of the city that centers around the Castro.

El Rio
3158 Mission St.
Patrick and Dom discuss relationships at Patrick’s ex’s bachelor party.

The Press Club
20 Yerba Buena Ln.
Patrick goes on an awful first date.

Sutro Baths
1004 Point Lobos Ave.
Patrick and Richie go on a date and talk about their pasts,

"The Matrix Resurrections

One of 2021's biggest and most anticipated blockbusters was filmed extensively around San Francisco. From the towering skyscrapers of the Financial District to hidden alleyways in Chinatown, there are a number of iconic locations that stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss frequented that you can see, too. Want to know how? Follow our "Matrix Resurrections" walking tour!

House of Nanking
919 Kearney St.
Neo and Trinity stop for lunch here.

Joe and the Juice
235 Montgomery St.
This juice bar was transformed into Neo's favorite coffee shop, the cleverly named Simulatte.


San Francisco would not be what it is today without Harvey Milk. His story defines the fight for LGBTQ freedoms that spread throughout the country during and after his life. The filmmakers were able to film nearly all of the outdoor scenes at the actual historic locations.

Harvey Milk Plaza
17th and Castro streets
Harvey holds his first rally for gay rights standing on a soap box.

Human Rights Campaign Action Center and Store
575 Castro St.
Harvey opens Castro Camera after moving to San Francisco.

Twin Peaks Tavern
401 Castro St.

"Mrs. Doubtfire"

Everyone’s favorite nanny came into our lives in the '90s and has never left since. A must-see for families and kids at heart, the Hillard House is located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. If you’re a true film geek, you’ll have no problem pointing it out.

Hillard House
Broadway and Steiner St.

"My Name Is Khan"

This Bollywood film follows an Indian immigrant with Asperger’s syndrome, Rizwan Khan, who sets out on a journey across the nation after his son is murdered. Within this gut-wrenching film, the happiest scenes of Rizwan falling in love with his future wife are filmed in San Francisco.

Coit Tower
280 Telegraph Hill Ave.
Mandira says she will marry Rizwan if he shows her something in the city she hasn’t already seen. Buy tickets to explore the top of Coit Tower.

Corona Heights Park
Corner of Roosevelt Way and Museum Way
Rizwan brings Mandira to the peak to propose.

"The OA"

The second season to this mind-bending mystery is set in San Francisco. Director Batmanglij made it a point to present the diversity of San Francisco’s neighborhoods as accurately as possible, filming at several notable locations.

Waverly Pl. at corner of Clay St.
Karim has conversation while walking through the street.

"Pursuit of Happyness"

This heartbreaking yet inspiring movie tells the tale of a father trying to raise his son after losing everything. Will Smith beautifully portrays the true story of Chris Gardner, who reaches success through hard work and persistence alone.

1592 Taylor St.
At corner of Broadway St.
Final shot of Chris and his son walking towards the Bay Bridge.

Pacific Coast Stock Exchange
301 Pine St.
Chris asks man with a Ferrari what he does for a living and is inspired to become a stock broker. The exchange now houses an Equinox Fitness Club.

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes"

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" puts a modern twist on the cult sci-fi classic. Starting atop the downtown skyscrapers and at the San Francisco Zoo, their uprising spreads throughout the Bay Area. If you’re looking to join Caesar’s tribe, head to the Muir Woods, where the apes eventually formed their own prosperous community.

Muir Woods
10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge
Caesar is introduced to nature and eventually builds a community.

San Francisco Zoo
1 Zoo Rd. at corner of Great Hwy. and Sloat Blvd.
Where the apes free fellow primates during the uprising. Buy tickets to the San Francisco Zoo.

"The Rock"

Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, and Michael Bay action galore—but the real star of the movie is Alcatraz itself. Did you know the movie filmed all over the city? Here are some other locations to put on your itinerary.

The Fairmont San Francisco
950 Mason St.

Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon St.


While the story bounces around the world to places like Iceland, Nairobi, and Seoul, Nomi's story unfolds in San Francisco, a very fitting home for the proud, transgender, lesbian hacker.

Billy Goat Hill
Stairs at corner of 30th St. and Laidley St.
Amanita takes Nomi out for a birthday picnic,

City Lights Bookstore
261 Columbus Ave.
Amanita works at a book reading.

Clarion Alley
Between Valencia and Mission streets
Nomi tells Amanita about the strange visions she has been having.

"Sister Act"

Where did Whoopi Goldberg hide from her angry mobster boyfriend in "Sister Act"? Right here in San Francisco at one of the most beautiful churches in the city. Located in Noe Valley, St. Paul's is just a short walk from the Mission District.

St. Paul's Church
221 Valley St.

"Tales of the City"

Homosexuality. Drug use. Nudity. Now common in today’s top-rated shows, these features were revolutionary on a public network in the original 1993 miniseries. The 2019 sequel has embraced these themes and, with an all-queer writing team, made it a mission to accurately portray LGBTQ life in San Francisco. Creator Armistead Maupin’s life and beliefs are reflected in the tenants of 28 Barbary Lane, the famous steps of which were filmed at the beautiful Macondray Lane in Russian Hill.

Macondray Lane
Steps are across from 1832 Taylor St.


Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is involuntarily bound to the symbiote, Venom, and the two spend the movie learning how to utilize their new shared skills to fight evil. A great example of this is the motorcycle chase scene that peaks with a massive jump at the top of Taylor St.

Hawk Hill
Marin Headlands
This is the location for Life Foundation headquarters.

Transamerica Pyramid
600 Montgomery St.
Venom scales the building.


In a city known for its many hills and scenic overlooks, San Francisco might not be the place for someone with acrophobia, and this is just what makes Alfred Hitchcock’s movie a classic.

Fort Point National Historic Site
End of Marine Dr. in the Presidio


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