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A MUNI passenger train runs along a track in San Francisco.
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Accessible Transportation in San Francisco

Learn how to get around San Francisco easily with accessible transportation options.

Getting around San Francisco is easier than ever with a safe and reliable public transit system that caters to those with disabilities. Muni, BART, and Caltrain have features like lifts, elevated platforms, reserved seating, and more to keep you moving. In addition, multiple car rental services and rideshare options are available for even easier movement throughout SF.

Airport Transportation

San Francisco is an accessible destination, starting when you land at the airport. Start your trip easily, no matter which airport you fly into. 

San Francisco International (SFO)

SFO is committed to ensuring that facilities, services, and programs are accessible to every guest who visits. You can get around every SFO terminal easily. 

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Oakland International (OAK)

OAK offers many convenient features for every passenger, no matter their ability. Find ramps, accessible restrooms, reserved seating, and more. OAK also provides convenient services on-site for persons with any disability or specific needs. Ask for any assistance at the check-in counter.

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Tip: Getting into San Francisco is accessible from Oakland and San Francisco Airport. Take BART and find accessible stops throughout San Francisco.

Paratransit Service

San Francisco's paratransit service is available to people who cannot independently use Muni's regular bus/rail service.

For more information about paratransit services and their application process, please click here or call.

(415) 351-7000.
TTY: (415) 351- 3942

Email: [email protected]

Public Transportation

Almost all SF Bay Area public transportation accepts the convenient Clipper card. Purchase your Clipper card online, from local convenience stores, or from ticketing machines and load funds to facilitate your travels. This card allows you to store monthly passes or a dollar value for per-ride payments, making it the simplest and most efficient way to navigate the entire Bay Area.

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is the primary and efficient mode of transportation for exploring the San Francisco Bay Area. Fares are determined by the distance of your stop, with rates increasing for farther destinations, ranging from $2.00 to approximately $15.00. Easily purchase tickets at the station or use the Clipper Card for user-friendly and accessible transportation.

BART Tips: All BART stations are equipped with ADA-compliant elevators. Check on their operating status here

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Caltrain offers the most convenient transportation from San Francisco to the Peninsula and San Jose area. Fares, determined by travel distance and divided into multiple zones, range from $3.75 to $15.50. Purchase your ticket effortlessly at the station, pay upon boarding, or use their user-friendly mobile app for a seamless experience. Caltrain ensures a straightforward and accessible travel option for commuters.

Caltrain Tips: The designated ADA car is the second car from the end of the train. Cars are marked with a blue accessibility symbol next to the doors. 

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Golden Gate Transit Bus & Ferry

This transportation system, comprised of buses and ferries, is the best way to access Marin County and parts of East Bay.

All Golden Gate Transit bus services operate with ramp- or lift-equipped buses, featuring a “kneeling feature” to facilitate easier boarding. Passengers can request the use of the ramp, lift, or kneeling feature as needed. Fares are zone-based, ranging from $2.25 to $14.25, and can be paid in cash or with your Clipper Card while boarding.

For ferry services, full ADA compliance ensures accessibility to ports like Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Angel Island. Additionally, they offer “The Giants Ferry” on select dates to and from Oracle Park. Pay when you board with your Clipper Card or purchase a ticket at the terminal.

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Muni (San Francisco Municipal Transit)

Muni, San Francisco’s public transit system, encompasses light rail (below ground and at street level), cable cars, historic streetcars, and buses. The flat fee for a ride is $2.50, covering a 90-minute period, including transfers. Tickets can be obtained from machines in underground stations, through a Clipper card, or via the Muni Mobile app. The system boasts accessible features such as kneeling buses, adjustable ramps, reserved seating, and more, ensuring a user-friendly experience throughout the entire network.

Please Note: The historic cable cars do not have accessible boarding or seating, but the Historic Streetcar line (F) is accessible at most stops. 

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San Francisco Bay Ferry

Enjoy a scenic cruise to or from San Francisco via ferry, one of the most picturesque modes of transportation. Each vessel is crewed by a dedicated team, ensuring seamless and comfortable boarding and disembarking. Please be aware that boarding gangways can occasionally sway due to rough seas or adverse weather conditions, but their attentive crew is happy to assist with any needs. Fares are categorized into three zones, ranging from $2.30 to $9.30. Conveniently purchase tickets at any ferry terminal or use your Clipper Card during boarding. Onboard, have a comfortable experience with ADA restrooms and a bar serving light drinks and snacks.

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Rent a Vehicle

Want more flexibility with your travels around San Francisco? Find the perfect rental vehicle to get around comfortably and efficiently. 


The following van rental companies provide ADA-compliant vehicles in the Bay Area: Mobilityworks


Almost all car rental companies provide ADA-compliant vehicles upon request. Explore these major brands for more information. The best pick-up location is at San Francisco International Airport. 


Rideshare and Taxi

Hail a ride-share or taxi to move about San Francisco with ease. Simply request a ride from your phone and be on your way. 


Uber has their own ADA rideshare features, providing transportation to anyone and everyone. Select your destination via the app and choose from one of two features: WAV, for users in a wheelchair, or Assist, which provides a certified assistant to drive and help. 

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Easily secure a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) through Lyft, ensuring convenient transportation to your desired destinations. Utilize their user-friendly app to select your destination and opt for one of two specialized features: WAV, designed for users in wheelchairs, or Assist, which offers a certified assistant to drive and provide additional support. Enjoy seamless and inclusive transportation services tailored to your unique needs.

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Yellow Cab San Francisco

Locating a traditional taxi ride is a breeze with Yellow Cab, conveniently stationed throughout bustling city areas. With a fleet featuring numerous wheelchair-accessible cars, Yellow Cab ensures a comfortable journey to your destination. Access their services conveniently through the app or call 415.333.3333 to secure your ride.

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