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March 30, 2016
The New Escape Alcatraz at The San Francisco Dungeon

Experience History at The San Francisco Dungeon

The San Francisco Dungeon, part of the Merlin Entertainments family, is located in historic Fisherman's Wharf alongside sister attraction Madame Tussauds, San Francisco's branch of the world-famous wax museum. The Dungeon brings to life the stories of the old Bay Area with a full theatrical cast, special effects, gripping storytelling, 360-degree sets and an underground boat ride. Captivating audiences with its edgy humor and scary, fun antics, The San Francisco Dungeon is not your usual visitor attraction!

Delve into 200 years of history and get a full picture of the area’s grisly and authentic history in a way that playfully startles nerves, awakens the senses and rattles the funny bone. The Dungeon takes visitors on a 60-minute journey through nine live-actor shows, from Gold Rush Greed to Gangs of San Francisco, and more. Meet the Rat Catcher, who delights in detailing the pungent truth of the Plague, and learn the horrible truth behind the black trade of "shanghaiing" on a dark boat ride. Many more shocking stories and sinister characters unfold throughout the attraction.

Now open is the Escape Alcatraz drop ride, taking visitors on an exhilirating simulated "jump" from Alcatraz into the waters of the San Francisco Bay. Completing the Dungeon tour experience, visitors are guided through the infamous prison and prison yard to join an escape attempt from "The Rock,"  culminating in a 33-second ride drop of 11 feet. This is the first underground drop ride in the U.S., built six feet below sea level and a thrilling permanent addition to the exciting cast of characters and experiences at the San Francisco Dungeon. Check out the ride here!

The San Francisco Dungeon is recommended for ages 10 and up, and drop ride restrictions apply. For more information, please visit The San Francisco Dungeon online.

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