St. John Coltrane Church
St. John Coltrane Church Credit: Photo via the New Yorker

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San Francisco's St. John Coltrane Church

Saint John Coltrane Church is just one of the city's many unique places. Here's everything you need to know about its history, services and upcoming events.

San Francisco is home to many unique places and experiences, and the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church is just one of many. Attracting visitors, music enthusiasts and spiritual seekers from all over the world, the Coltrane Church is truly one of its kind. Here's everything you need to know about St. John Coltrane Church.

History of St. John Coltrane Church

What began as a jazz listening club called the Yardbird Temple in 1969 evolved into an institution dedicated to the music of John Coltrane and a commitment to racial, social and economic justice. Founded by Archbishop Franzo King and Rev. Mother Marina King, the Church of Saint John Coltrane encourages its followers to tap into their spirituality through Coltrane's music. In fact, it is the only church born out of the music of John Coltrane.

In addition to its weekly Sunday services and monthly meditations, the Coltrane Church runs a food pantry for the hungry, provides clothing to the homeless, and hosts a radio show on San Francisco's KPOO-FM that plays Coltrane's music.

Ongoing Services

Sunday Mass

Get your praise at Sunday service, a mass consisting of scripture readings, hymns, and preaching. A mixture of musical styles ranging from jazz to gospel and funk to reggae will have you on your feet and singing along. Audience members are encouraged to bring their own instruments to join in on the playing. All are welcome to participate.

"A Love Supreme" Meditation

On the first Sunday of every month, reach spiritual enlightenment through a guided meditation on the testimony and music of Saint John Coltrane's album, "A Love Supreme".

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