Take your special someone to these great San Francisco restaurants for a memorable meal, on Valentine's Day or any other.

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April 22, 2022

San Francisco Restaurants That Spice Up the Romance

What could be more romantic than an unforgettable meal in San Francisco? In a city with an unparalleled culinary scene, you won't run out of options when it comes to planning a special night out with your significant other. Here are some of the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco.

The Big 4 Restaurant (175 California St.) - Temporarily Closed

The unique name of The Big 4 Restaurant, a nod to San Francisco's railroad tycoons of the 19th century, keeps the link to San Francisco's early days alive. On a romantic evening to reminisce about your own history, The Big 4 greets you with elegant decor and reminders of the city's past. The menu, however, is not stuck in days gone by. West Coast staples such as salmon, mixed with Bayou-area flavors like Andouille sausage, show the kitchen's playful melding of New American dishes.

Campton Place (340 Stockton St.

Californian and Indian cuisine meld beautifully at Michelin-starred Campton Place. While dishes change according to seasonality, look for items such as Day Boat scallops, prepared with dosa and turmeric, or black cod with tamarind. Campton Place provides a memorable date night with dishes you and your partner won't find anywhere else in the city.

Che Fico (838 Divisadero St.)

Throughout Italy “Che Fico!” serves as an expression of enthusiasm and admiration. Handmade pastas, pizzas & seasonal Cal-Italian fare, plus wine & cocktails await you and your date in chic top-floor digs.


Dandelion Chocolate (2600 16th St.)

Take yourself (and your sweetheart), on a sweet and sugary journey at Dandelion Chocolate. You'll find everything chocolate, from European Drinking Chocolate and Bruleed Brioche to Chocolate Porridge and a full menu of mochas and cold chocolate drinks. While chocolate is their forte, they have savory items on the menu that are just as delicious, as well as an extensive afternoon tea menu. While they have various locations, their 16th Street location has an extremely Instagrammable Bloom Salon for a perfectly romantic setting. They also have their factory if you're in the mood to see how their decadent chocolates are made.

EPIC Steak (369 Embarcadero)

When a view elevates your meal to a different level, then your experience has been truly epic. At EPIC Steak, you'll feel as if you can reach out and touch the Bay Bridge. In the kitchen, a wood-burning oven and grill lend a smoky kiss to grilled Wagyu beef, while the chilled seafood selection gives you a taste of the Bay Area's finest shellfish.


Gamine (2223 Union St.) - Temporarily Closed

Gamine is the perfect French bistro for quiet conversation, a close personal connection, and an intimate date night. Grab a glass of vin blanc, order some authentic onion soup gratinee, and then move on the steamed mussels, served three ways.

Okane (669 Townsend St.)

Date nights don't always require weeks of planning and your best duds. Sometimes you just need to get out and re-connect with your partner over good food and drinks. Enter Okane, a Japanese-style izakaya and sushi restaurant, where the seafood is so fresh it's flown in daily from Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Fish Market. Pour a glass of beer or sake, choose a selection of grilled skewers and nigiri, and spend time bonding with your best friend.


Rambler (545 Post St.) - Temporarily Closed

For an evening when you want to feel stylish, chic, and hip, head to Rambler in the Hotel Zeppelin. Dim lighting, stellar cocktails, and modern decor provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. Share a pizza, or pull a "Lady and the Tramp" moment with the cavatelli pasta studded with osso bucco.

Waterbar (399 Embarcadero)

With fresh seafood and a stellar view of the Bay Bridge that are both Instagram-worthy, you'll want to snap a photo with your partner before you pe into your dish. Waterbar's menu features, among many other things, a massive oyster selection and extensive caviar choices perfect for a decadent date night.


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