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January 27, 2016
Jewelry Design at the Asian Art Museum Store

Discover Retail Treasures at The Asian Art Museum Store

The Asian Art Museum Store extends and enhances the museum experience, offering the chance to discover Asia through one-of-a-kind objects that celebrate both contemporary and antique traditions. The store's focus on exhibition-specific merchandise expands upon what visitors see in the galleries with a selection of diverse handcrafted and artist-produced items sourced directly from Asia.

The store offers visitors ceramics, basketry, textiles, paintings, woodblock prints, scuplture, furniture, books and more at a variety of price points. Gift suggestions can range from artisanal jewelry, kitchen gadgets and delicious treats, or a plush version of an ancient Chinese bronze rhino, one of the museum’s masterpieces.

Raymond McKenzie, manager of retail operations, partners with artisans and retailers to offer a diverse range of handmade and unique goods. And the store’s selection is consistently updated to complement the current special exhibition. Wanting " your store visit to be an artistic extension of your experience in the museum,” McKenzie often travels to Asia to develop relationships with artists and specialty retailers, allowing the store to stock items that cannot be procured elsewhere in this country. "It’s important for me to continually learn what’s out there, and traveling is the best way to do that," McKenzie says. "When I travel, I find unique products that our visitors wouldn’t be able to access otherwise."

All museum store purchases support the museum’s educational programs and exhibitions, as well as the individual artists and their communities.

You can shop in-store during regular museum hours, and the store does not require paid admission fee. You can also shop at the museum’s online store.

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