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June 26, 2019
Steamed dumplings from Shanghai Dumpling King

How to Eat San Francisco: This is How to Eat Your Way Through the Sunset and Richmond

Pei Ketron, a photographer, traveler and foodie based in San Francisco, took us on a tour of her favorite Asian restaurants in the Sunset and Richmond neighborhoods. This is where she went.

Kevin's Noodle House (1833 Irving St.)
There's a lot of great pho in the Sunset, but this is Pei's favorite because she loves the broth. If you want it Pei's way, add hoisin sauce and lots of limes.

San Tung (1031 Irving St.)
San Tung is a very popular spot for Chinese food in the Sunset. Even at 2 p.m. there's a wait to get a table. Why do people wait in long lines here? For the one and only dry-fried chicken wings.

Honey Creme (830 Irving St.)
The newest food spot on the block, Honey Creme has only been open for a few months now, but is already getting rave reviews. What are they known for? Honey-topped soft serve ice cream with creative toppings, like mixed grains and cotton candy, just like they have them in South Korea (where they are originally from).

Hamon Observation Tower at the de Young Museum (50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr.)
When you're eating your way through San Francisco, you definitely need to build in breaks to catch your breath and soothe your stomach. On your way to the Richmond neighborhood, stop off in Golden Gate Park at the de Young Museum, home of the Hamon Observation Tower. At the top you'll get a gorgeous 360 view of the city. The best part? Access to the tower is 100% free.

Shanghai Dumpling King (Sunnyside Location: 696 Monterey Blvd.)
The dish you must absolutely get here is the steamed soup dumpling plate, which comes with 10 dumplings (great for sharing). To eat one, first dip your spoon in the sauce and lay a dumpling in it. Then bite off the top, suck out the soup. Finally, put the entire dumpling in your mouth. Repeat.

Tomorrow's another day, so follow Pei Ketron on Snapchat to see her other favorite food spots in San Francisco.


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