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February 22, 2018

Best Bakeries in San Francisco by Neighborhood

Tartine Bakery was once named one of the 25 bakeries you should visit before you die. While we certainly can't argue with the deliciousness of their morning buns and the long lines their country bread creates every morning, Tartine isn't the only bakery in town that is a bread winner. Here are the best bakeries in San Francisco by neighborhood (including Tartine).

Bernal Heights

Sandbox Bakery (833 Cortland Ave.)
From the former pastry chef of the Slanted Door, Sandbox Bakery was originally intended to be a kid's bakery, but due to space restrictions and the adult clientele in the neighborhood, they began baking fresh pastries and serving drip coffee. What's popular: Morning Buns. What you should get: Chocolate banana hearts


Thorough Bread & Pastry (248 Church St.)
Opened in 2008 by Michael and Evelyn Suas, Thorough Bread makes everything from scratch and only uses natural ingredients. What's popular: Almond croissant. What you should get: Mini baguettes.

Central Market

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (1042 Larkin St.)
Putting carbs back in its rightful place, or the cruffin, when a croissant and a muffin have a baby. The craze started here and is the only thing you should line up for early. Otherwise, just walk on in and grab something else. That's right, you only have to wait in the long line for the cruffin. What's popular: Cruffin. What you should get: what ever is left.


Golden Gate Bakery (1029 Grant Ave.)
A bakery located down a dingy alley that holds odd hours could only have a cult following in San Francisco. That's exactly what Golden Gate Bakery has. If it's open, it's worth the trip. If it's not, you won't know until you're outside. That's the fun. What's popular: Egg tart. What you should get: Egg tart


Acme Bread Company (1 Ferry Building)
Since 1983, Acme Bread Company has been striving to make the best bread possible. Calling the Ferry Building home, you'll want to make a pitstop here as you stroll through the stalls. What's popular: Pain au Levain. What you should get: Olive Bread.

Fisherman's Wharf

Boudin Sourdough Bakery (160 Jefferson St.)
The Boudin family came to San Francisco in 1849 and struck gold of the culinary kind. When they exposed yeast that was going to be made into French bread to the San Francisco air, sourdough bread as we know it was created. As the original creator of sourdough bread, they have a permanent place on this list and a permanent place in our hearts. What's popular: Sourdough bread. What you should get: Sourdough bread

Hayes Valley

20th Century Cafe (198 Gough St.)
Modeled after cafes in Vienna, Prague and Budapest, 20th Century Cafe whets the appetite of people looking for their Hungarian grandma's baking. Don't have one, that's ok too. You'll fall in love with this place just the same. What's popular: the knishs. What you should get: Russian Honey Cake

Miette (449 Octavia St. and Ferry Building.)
Coming from overseas? This is the place to find rare European brands of sweets. This is what this location of Miette is filled with, along with their legendary macarons. If you're in the mood for a seasonal cake, head to their Ferry Building location. What's popular: Macarons. What you should get: European candies

Lower Pacific Heights

b. patisserie (2821 California St.)
Opened by a former Gary Danko and Manresa pastry chef, b. patisserie is described as a "heavenly" French bakery by its loyal following. What's popular: Kouign Amann. What you should get: Any almond croissant.


La Victoria Mexican Bakery (2937 24th St.)
Of the many panaderias that line the Mission District, La Victoria is one of the best. Not only can you grab delicious empanadas and pan dulce, but La Victoria has always supported and fostered the community in the neighborhood. You might have been here for a pop-up dinner before. You never know. What's popular: Pan Dulce. What you should get: Flourless Coconut Macaroon.

Craftsman & Wolves (746 Valencia St.)
One of the newest bakeries on the block that has lines out the door. If there's one thing to get here, it's the Rebel Within, a soft-boiled egg within a muffin. The menu changes with the season. For the summer, they unveiled their very own, haute dog. Yes, it's every bit as delicious as it sounds. What's popular: Rebel Within. What you should get: Rebel Within.

Tartine Bakery (600 Guerrero St.)
Yes, it gets all of the spotlight. Yes, it is well deserved. They won a James Beard Award. I could stop talking about them, but neither I, nor any other San Franciscan, can stop. Tartine is the original new-wave bakery that started the resurgence of our half-baked love. The stories are true. You need to get here early to snag a spot in line for their insanely delicious morning buns. Seriously, everything coming out that oven is amazing. Why are you still reading this? Get in line. What's popular: Morning Bun. What you should get: Lemon Cream Tart.

Mission Pie (2901 Mission St.)
Good pie is worth sharing. This is Mission Pie's top value and they deliver on it with 28 sweet and savory pies. You could almost go here once a day for a month and never have the same pie twice. What's popular: Banana Cream. What you should get: Strawberry Rhubarb.

Noe Valley

Noe Valley Bakery (4073 24th St.)
Noe Valley Bakery was serving cupcakes before they were a thing, but that doesn't make them amazing. It's their fresh-baked challah, window display of trains and amazing customer service that does. Well worth the trip up the hill from the Mission. What's popular: Red Velvet Cupcakes. What you should get: Challah or blueberry scones.

North Beach

Victoria Pastry Company (700 Filbert St.)
A Princess Cake is a layer cake consisting of alternating layers of sponge cake and strawberry or fruit jam with whipped cream and pastry cream. That's exactly what a princess wants when she gets a sweet tooth. Look no further than Victoria Pastry to deliver the city's best. What's popular: Princess Cake. What you should get: Almond Cake or Canoli.

Liguria Bakery (1700 Stockton St.)
In San Francisco there are bakeries, and then there's Liguria, a focaccia-only bakery in North Beach no less. You can't get anymore Italian in an Italian neighborhood. What's popular: Focaccia. What you should get: Pizza or the rosemary garlic focaccia.

NOPA/Western Addition

The Mill (736 Divisadero St.)
The Mill is a delicious venture between Josey Baker Bread and Four Barrel Coffee. Although it didn't start the Toast Craze you've heard about, The Mill blew it out of the water. All of Josey Baker's Bread can be sliced into a thick-cut piece and served with a seemly endless amount of toppings. On top of it, the space is perfectly designed to let gorgeous light in at all times of the day. What's popular: Cinnamon Toast. What you should get: Birthday Toast or Peanut Butter Toast with Honey.


Pretty Please Bakeshop (291 Third Ave.)
Pretty Please Bakeshop is an independently owned bakery by a UC Berkeley grad,  located in San Francisco's Inner Richmond, specializing in custom cakes and classic treats, with a modern sensibility and baked in-house, from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. What's popular: Twinks and ding-dongs. What you should get: Cheesecake.

Marla Bakery (3619 Balboa St.)
The newest bakery on the block, Marla Bakery opened about one month ago by a husband and wife team who met at NOPA (an amazing restaurant in NOPA which stands for North of the Panhandle). Interestingly enough, it's the space where they got married and it's a space where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. What's popular: Cherry-lemon scones. What you should get: Candied-orange pain au chocolat.

Heartbaker (1408 Clement St.)
Heartbaker comes to us from pastry chef, Sybil Johnson, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Her handcrafted baked goods combine professional refinement and homemade flavor to produce explosion of flavor. She literally has something on the menu that's an Italian doughnut with the word "bomb" in it. What's popular: Bomboloni. What you should get: Bomboli

Schubert's Bakery (521 Clement St.)
Known simply as the House of Cakes, Schubert's Bakery has been in the city since 1911. At its current location since 1940, Schubert's has continued to make cakes the artisanal way with traditional flavors and the addition of new items over the years. What's popular: Neopolitan and the Opera Cake. What you should get: Swedish Princess Cake.


Arizmendi Bakery (1331 Ninth Ave.; there's another one in the Mission on Valencia and 24th)
A disciple of Cheeseboard in Berkeley, Arizmendi Bakery is a cooperative that started over in the East Bay and then moved to San Francisco in 2000. Just like Cheeseboard, Arizmendi has delicious baked goods and a PIZZA OF THE DAY! What's popular: Pizza of the Day. What you should get: Pizza of the Day. Every day is different and it's 100% vegetarian. Even meat eaters can't say no.

Devil's Teeth Baking Company (3875 Noriega St.)
Located out in the sleepy neighborhood of Outer Sunset, Devil's Teeth is worth the trip. Opened by a wife whose husband complained about the lack of good breakfast sandwiches, DTBC is home to one of the best in the city. This baking outpost was one of the first in Outer Sunset neighborhood rejuvenation and you can feel the unique energy here. What's popular: Breakfast sandwich. What you should get: Beignets or the doughnut muffin

Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club (4033 Judah St.)
This is the place where our love for toast started. Trouble Coffee is a small coffee shop that specializes in three things: coffee, toast and coconuts. That's it. We're not complaining. What's popular: Coffee and Cinnamon Toast. What you should get: Coconut and Cinnamon Toast with Nutella.

Union Square

Tout Sweet (170 O'Farrell St.)
A Macy's would probably be the last place that you would find a patisserie, but not in San Francisco. This delicious patisserie was even opened by former Top Chef Just Desserts winner, Yigit Pura. What's popular: 5th Element Macaron. What you should get: Orange Creamsicle Macaron.

Photo via Devil's Teeth Bakery.

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