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August 21, 2014

A Bike Share Built For Two

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Every great city has a bike share program: Paris has Vélib’, New York has Citi Bikes, and San Francisco now has Bay Area Bike Share. With 350 bikes deployed across SF, biking is no longer reserved for the shoe-clipping, jersey-wearing elite. All you need is a credit card and a killer itinerary to have the ultimate urban adventure, and with some of the city’s best spots near every docking station, it’s never been easier to plan the ultimate day. Biking is officially in your wheelhouse.


1. Fuel up for the journey with one of the 42 beers on tap at Mikkeller Bar. Show-off your adventurous side and split the barrel-aged chardonnay-mango ale before you head out to the Powell Street BART docking station to start your adventure.

2. Pedal over to the Embarcadero and Vallejo docking station to stretch your legs by the waterfront and stretch your brain at the new Exploratorium. If you need a sugar kick before you nerd-out, head next door to the TCHO Chocolate factory. Time it right and you can join one of their tours for the full Willy Wonka experience. 


3. Hop back on your bike for a short spin down to the Ferry Building to grab an artisan pop-tart from Black Jet Bakery. It’s going to be hard, but resist the temptation to eat immediately. 

4. With your pop-tarts safely in your basket, cycle over to 2nd and Folsom to grab a picnic table in shady South Park. Stroll around to peruse the wheels for sale at Public Bikes. After today’s adventure, you may be ready for the full investment.


5. Roll down to South Van Ness and Market to dock your bike. Walk five blocks to Una Pizza Napoletana for the best pies in town (re-opening from their summer vacation on September 18th). Get your own – no matter how well the date’s going, you won’t want to share.


6. Fully carbo-loaded, pedal back to where you started at the Powell Street BART. Park your wheels for the night, and head to the swanky S+R lounge in the lobby of the Hotel Zetta to reward yourselves with some adult beverages. With a fully equipped playroom upstairs, this is the perfect spot to ensure the fun doesn’t end once the bikes are docked. 

Download Spotcycle to check on real time bike availability, and the Sōsh app to make sure you never miss out on something incredible right around the corner. Dating just got a whole lot more fun.

Photo by San Francisco Bicycle Coalition / CC BY-NC-ND

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