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Spambot at the Misalignment Museum in San Francisco

Explore Free AI Art at the Misalignment Museum in San Francisco

The MisAlignment Museum in SF showcases AI technology through interactive art. Admission is free, but the vision of the future is priceless.

At the MisAlignment Museum, enter a post-apocalyptic future where AI almost destroyed humanity. After realizing the mistake, AI worked to apologize and honor the human race. 

Here is their apology:

"Sorry for killing most of humanity."

The MisAlignment Museum showcases the different aspects of AI in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Learn about the various technologies that help power AI and the limitless potential they will have on the human race. Here, you will find the future has arrived—and it's a little scary. 

MisAlignment Museum

Infinite Conversation

Imagine, if you will, a future where you can experience an AI-generated discussion between you and a friend. Creepy, right? Well, that future is today, and you can experience it at the MisAlignment Museum. This chatty installation was entirely created with publicly available content and can be replicated with nearly anyone's voice. Infinite Conversation showcases AI tools that can synthesize an authentic voice, raising awareness about the implications for the media we consume.


Infinite Conversation Misalignment Museum

Paperclip Embrace

Have you ever been given a task that becomes all-consuming? Paperclip Embrace illustrates that if AI were given a task, like optimizing paperclip production, it could prioritize it over human life. This installation was previously created for Burning Man in 2014, was 72 feet tall, and set ablaze at the end of the event. 

  • Hidden easter egg: Paperclip Embrace has six fingers on its left hand, a humorous nod to AI's struggle to generate an image of the human hand.
  • Paperclip Embrace is made with over 15,000 paperclips. 


Paperclip-Embrace-Misalignment-museum Credit: Misalignment Museum


The 21st century has witnessed remarkable advancements in AI systems that have the potential to accelerate scientific and technological progress dramatically. These systems can automate human activities and make discoveries at an unprecedented pace. The acronym PASTA, "Process for Automating Scientific and Technological Advancement," represents a future in which automated research will assist humanity in solving monumental challenges like healthcare, human rights, climate change, and more! With the help of AI, the possibilities are limitless.

Pasta Misalignment Museum


Spambots bring new meaning to the term "mechanically separated meat". These spam-producing robots are equipped with arms and have the ability to control four keys on a keyboard, allowing them to type the entire alphabet and some punctuation. Spambots illustrates how AI technology is used to rapidly create spam content and misinformation. While these SpamBots were trained using the novel Brave New World, most AI language models are taught utilizing publicly available information, including your social media accounts. 


Spam_Bots_Misalignment_Museum Credit: Misalignment Museum


Who owns the intellectual property of non-human (AI) creations? What if the intellectual property is music created from biological patterns in your DNA? Confusing, right? Sonosynthesis showcases this idea using a grand piano and an AI music composition system that makes hauntingly beautiful music from the DNA patterns of microorganisms. Watch the piano craft music in front of your eyes, filling the museum with beautiful and thought-provoking music. 

Misalignment Museum Sonosynthesis
Misalignment Museum Sonosynthesis

Hours & Location

Free Entry Hours:

Thursday & Friday: 4:00 - 8:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 2:00 - 5:00 pm

($10 Suggested Donation)



1699 3rd St. San Francisco, CA, 94158 (between 16th and Warriors Way)

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