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May 19, 2015

Five San Francisco Tips from World Champion Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy, manager of the San Francisco Giants since 2007, has written “A Book of Walks” which takes the reader through some of his favorite walks. When his schedule allows, he strolls not only to give his body a workout, but also to clear his mind. In this brief emailed Q&A he shares a few insights into staying fit no matter what your RBI and a few insider tips on seeing San Francisco.

Walking can be a very companionable activity. If there were someone you’d like to say “Let’s go for a walk” to – whom might that be?
I would like to walk with my Mother and Father. Both have passed on, but I would love to be reunited with them and be able to enjoy some walks.

What’s your favorite walk of those you’ve suggested in your new guide, “A Book of Walks”? 
One of my favorite walks is to the Golden Gate Bridge. I have also always enjoyed my walk when I’m in Cincinnati, walking from Ohio to Kentucky and back, crossing over the historic suspension bridge.

While your book seems directed to the over-40 population, what advice do you have for young people, especially the players you coach?
My advice would be to exercise and stay active, because it’s so important for not only your physical wellbeing, but also for your mind. Exercise can be an outlet that helps clear the mind and lead to a more balanced, relaxed approach to life.

When you have an out-of-town guest visiting, what are some of your favorite things to take them to see and do? 
When we have out-of-town guest come to visit we love taking them on a walk around San Francisco and going to the great restaurants the city has to offer.

What location for you best sums up the San Francisco experience on a personal level? 
The location that best sums up the San Francisco experience for me would be a toss-up between Oracle Park and Pier 23 Cafe.

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