As the ubiquitous mascot for the Bay to Breakers, Ape Hashbury has a unique perspective on San Francisco.

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February 24, 2020

How I See San Francisco: Ape Hashbury

Ape Hashbury is the official mascot of the Bay to Breakers Race. Whether running - and completing! - the 12K course, or taking pictures with the best fans in the world at the two-day Expo and at the Finish Line Festival, you won't be able to miss the pink gorilla throughout race weekend. Here is a little bit on how Ape Hashbury sees San Francisco.

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How are your preparing for the Bay to Breakers this year?

With race day around the corner, I'm on a strict bananas-only diet. I aim for about 7.5 bananas a day, as that helps me get prepared for the 7.5 miles I'll be running on race day!

What makes the Bay to Breakers a must-do or must-see in San Francisco?

It's quite simply the quintessential San Francisco experience. From the colorful costumes to the World Centipede Championships and to the "upstream swimming salmon," the event encapsulates more than 106 years of rich history and quirky traditions.

Do you usually have a time goal, or do you just have fun?

On race day, my priorities are: having fun, taking selfies with all 40,000+ runners, and finishing in under two hours.

What is the typical reaction when runners see a pink gorilla on the course with them? Should they say hi?

How many races have a mascot that runs the entire course? On second thought, how many races have a giant pink gorilla as their mascot? So yeah, there a bit of shock factor initially.

When not running Bay to Breakers, how and where do you keep in shape in the city?

I'm often running along the Embarcadero or up to Coit Tower. With the amount of bananas I eat, I have to stay active!

We've seen other animals and all sorts of characters on the race course. Any comments?

They don't call it the world's best-dressed race for nothing! Race day is arguably the best people watching event of all time.

Any favorite spots to relax in San Francisco?

Can't beat relaxing in the Yerba Buena Gardens or Alamo Square Park (which is quite the scene on race day)!

Gorillas are typically found in jungles, right? Where do you get back to nature around here?

I can spend hours walking throughout Golden Gate Park. It's not easy keeping my pink-colored tan, so I love being outdoors.

Any favorite place to grab some food in town? Where does one find great fresh food, like, say, a banana in San Francisco?

I love the farmers market scene in the city. You can regularly find me grabbing the freshest bananas in town at the Alemany Farmers Market or Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Tell them I sent you.

Do you ever run into other gorillas in town?

All the time. I have regular lunch-and-learn meetings with my friends at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens!

Aside from the race, what are a couple of things every visitor should do when in San Francisco?

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and spend an afternoon checking out Haight-Ashbury. It is how I got my name, after all.

Any last thoughts for anyone possibly intimidated by Bay to Breakers?

There's nothing to be intimidated about! If you like fun and spending time outside, then you will love it! It's an unofficial San Francisco holiday, and it's the ultimate celebration of our amazing city. It's a can't-miss event for both locals and visitors.


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