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How I See SF:

 Experience San Francisco's vibrant nightlife scene with recommendations from DJ Viceroy.

San Francisco's musical legacy goes beyond the Summer of Love. The City by the Bay continues to produce groundbreaking musical talent who shape what's playing on your radio (or your personal playlist). We talked with pioneering DJ Viceroy about his favorite San Francisco experiences, including his picks for the best music venues in the city

Describe your perfect day in San Francisco.

Grabbing drinks on the Palm House porch with some close homies or chilling by the water at Fort Mason if it’s a nice day out. At night, sometimes I love to stop by the Balboa Cafe or The Dorian for a drink, or Brazenhead for a steak. If I want to dance, I’ll 100% head to Audio.

Aerial of Fort Mason with the San Francisco skyline in the distance.

What should every visitor to San Francisco do at least once?

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, go to Buena Vista Cafe for an Irish coffee, or go to Lands End for a hike.

What’s your favorite place in San Francisco to take a photo or read a book?

The Battery.

Hikers walk along a forested section of Lands End Trail, with the Pacific Ocean in the background.
Stretch your legs and take in the view at Lands End Trail.

Where do you indulge your artistic side in San Francisco?

The Black Cat and Boom Boom Room are fun for jazz. The Mission is great for all things creative. You never know what you’ll find there.

Which is your favorite venue to play in San Francisco?

Audio is by far my favorite club to play. They did an insane job with the sound renovation. Playing a pool party at the Phoenix Hotel is by far my favorite vibe though.

When you’re not performing, where do you go to hear great music in San Francisco?

Rickshaw Stop is always fun because of the divey environment. The Black Cat for jazz. The Greek Theater in Berkeley is next level, and The Independent.

New Year’s Eve is coming up soon. Are you performing in San Francisco that night? If not, where would you go in the city for a great celebration?

I’ve got a private gig, but If I was to go out, I think I'd go to the Poolside show at Public Works!

Where and what would you choose for your last meal in San Francisco?

Chubby Noodle. Korean pork tacos, chubby chicken and the garlic noodles. It’s the only answer.

Which restaurant is still on your list to dine at in San Francisco?

State Bird Provisions. I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet.

Image of cheesy melt dish from State Bird Provisions
Dish at State Bird Provisions 

Who do you follow to keep up with San Francisco news?

I follow certain publications such as Eater and the Chronicle.

Any last final advice for travelers to San Francisco?

Don’t feel pressured to do the usual things in San Francisco. This is a city that has more to offer than you can imagine. There’s always something magical going on. 

Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park
Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park