Mike Murphy has held a job with the San Francisco Giants from the first day they played in the City by the Bay. Follow his tips for how to best enjoy a game and everything else in San Francisco.

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April 24, 2018

How I See San Francisco: Lifetime Giants Employee Mike Murphy

If you want a truly genuine San Francisco experience, you must consult the experts: our friendly locals. Knowledgable, passionate, and always ready with a recommendation for what to do, see, or eat, San Franciscans of all types have been part of our ongoing "How I See San Francisco" series.

Michael Murphy ("Murph") is senior advisor to the San Francisco Giants' home clubhouse. He's been a fixture with the Giants since the team moved west in 1958 and has never missed a Giants' home game in his 60 years with the club. The San Francisco native began his professional baseball career as a bat boy for the San Francisco Seals (and then the Giants) during their inaugural season. Murph now lives in nearby San Bruno with his wife and family—and Abby, the clubhouse dog. He shared his unique perspective on San Francisco to help celebrate the team's 60th anniversary in the City by the Bay.

Editor's Note: Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity.

How have you seen the Giants and San Francisco evolve over the last 60 years?

It's been a great evolution. It's probably hard for many to understand, but it was almost unimaginable 60 years ago that Major League Baseball would come west. Before the Giants and Dodgers arrived in 1958, the only way we could connect with big league baseball was through reading the box scores of teams in the newspaper. Once the Giants arrived in San Francisco, we had real players to identify with and call our own. There were so many San Francisco greats: Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal. The list goes on and on.

How can fans enjoy Oracle Park best when they are at a game?

I would recommend visiting our new exhibit space, the Giants Vault. It features many Giants treasures and tells the story of our move from New York to San Francisco. I also think fans should enjoy my all-time favorite ballpark food: a good ol' Giants Hot Dog. If you are looking for something more unique, you can try the Irish Nachos at Murph's Pub. 

When the Giants aren't playing at home, what's there to do at the ballpark?

What's so great about Oracle Park is that fans can visit year-round. If they are here at the right time, they might even get to visit one of our clubhouses. (Editor's note: take a tour of Oracle Park for a complete behind-the-scenes look.)

What's the best way for folks to keep up with the Giants?

If you mean with the players, I'm still sorting and distributing fan mail. Hundreds of letters and cards arrive daily for the players. I see many of them reading through the letters at their lockers. I also think our website is a great place for fans to connect with us.

Where's the best spot to catch a Giants game if you're not in the ballpark?

Just across the street from the park at MoMo's, or really at any sports bar or restaurant in the city with the game on TV.

Where in the city do you like to hangout?

I love taking Abby, my Springer Spaniel, to Golden Gate Park. I also spend a lot of time in North Beach.

What's your favorite restaurant in San Francisco and why?

Scoma's has the best seafood anywhere! They love the Giants and have always been so hospitable to players and fans.

What are the must-see destinations in San Francisco for visitors?

The Golden Gate BridgeFisherman's Wharf, and PIER 39.

Can you tell us any secret spots where we can catch Giants players around town?

I know some of them like to eat out at local spots along the Embarcadero. Back in the day, you could find Mays and McCovey at Bardelli's.

How have you seen San Francisco grow as a sports town?

We were a Triple-A sports town that became a big league city when the Giants arrived in 1958. There's huge passion for all our sports teams, from the Giants to the 49ers to the Warriors.

What's one item still on your San Francisco bucket list?

To go to the top of Coit Tower.

Do you have a favorite day trip excursion Beyond the Bridge?

Visit Napa Valley and the wine country, especially now. Those communities need our support after the fires.


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