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Instagram-Worthy San Francisco Restaurants

If you are looking for those photo opportunities to give your friends and followers some serious foodie FOMO, here is a list of Instagram-worthy restaurants in San Francisco.

From Joe's Special to abalone, sand dabs, and sourdough bread, San Francisco has always been at the forefront of food trends in the country. The eclectic food scene of the city, coupled with its breathtaking views, guarantees more than a few Instgrammable opportunities. If you are looking for those picture-perfect opportunities to give your friends and followers some serious FOMO, here is a list of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in San Francisco.

Media Noche

3465 19th St.

This Cuban place is, arguably, what started the trend of Instagrammable restaurants in San Francisco. Media Noche's kitschy interiors have attracted travelers from as far as Japan and China. The dramatic floral tiles here, custom-made, are regularly tagged in Instagram posts. Don't miss the banana wallpaper in the bathrooms and the pink flamingo mural. Their Cuban sandwiches are delicious, too.

Eat at Media Noche


888 Brannan St.

Bellota has its ham wall, a glass wall that lets you see into the temperature-controlled ham room where $50,000 worth of premium ham is stored at any given time. While the wall is a favorite among Instagrammers, the lamps at the bar are a perfect Instagram accessory. You can adjust their intensity to get the perfect shot. You can even tilt them or anchor your phone on the lamps' necks to take that perfect food selfie.

Eat at Bellota

Tartine Manufactory

595 Alabama St.

Let's bring the focus back to food. If you are craving some baked goodness, Tartine Manufactory is where you should go. The bakery's food photographs perfectly. There is ample lighting, the food is served on white plates, and the industrial decor makes for an interesting backdrop. When it's finally your turn to order after standing in line (for quite a bit), it does call for an Instagram celebration.

Eat at Tartine Manufactory

Bloom Chocolate Salon at Dandelion Chocolate

2600 16th St.

The Bloom Chocolate Salon at the Dandelion Chocolate Factory is a light-drenched, industrial-chic daytime cafe focused on house-made chocolates, pastries & tea. They are serving up some seriously good chocolatey drinks and bites. Their delicious bean-to-bar chocolates make a stunning appearance in their high tea service and ice cream tasting. Along with the Bloom Chocolate Salon, the factory is open to visitors with 15 weekly tours, chocolate classes, a to-go cafe and retail space (serving hot chocolate, cookies, and Dandelion’s 70-plus percent cacao bars).

Eat at Bloom Chocolate Salon


600 Polk St.

Going bar-hopping in San Francisco? Don't miss Whitechapel, serving more than 400 different kinds of gin. The place has interiors inspired by the London Tube, making an interesting backdrop for your food photos. The gin is the Instagram hero here, although their burgers look pretty decent, too.

Eat at Whitechapel

Over the Moon

2144 Chestnut St.

Skip the black-and-white filter when you Instagram here. A small shop with limited flavors, Over The Moon has built an Instagram reputation based on its pretty ice cream sandwiches that taste just as good as they look. Order the Cookie Monster, stick your tongue out (as it turns blue), and take those crazy selfies that show you're having all the fun in the world.

Eat at Over the Moon

Bob's Donut and Pastry Shop

1621 Polk St.

Love donuts? Even if you don't, you shouldn't miss an opportunity to eat at this San Francisco staple, which has been around since 1960. Order a giant donut for yourself and take Bob's challenge. Chances are you will fail, but you will get more than a few Instagram-worthy shots as you try.

Eat at Bob's Donuts

Boba Guys

8 Octavia Blvd.

This hipster cafe in Hayes Valley makes the list for its inventiveness. Dedicated to tea, it has intriguing concoctions such as Muscat Oolong and milk tea Hong-Kong style, which has people lining up. Its pretty tumblers, together with the cool quotient, definitely make it an Instagram-worthy cafe in San Francisco.

Grab a Drink at Boba Guys

Son & Garden

700 Polk St.

Pastels, plants & flowery wallpaper outfit this cozy destination that serves whimsical New American dishes. Whether it's the Cloud 9 cocktail, ricotta pancakes, lobster benedict, or afternoon tea, this restaurant is fit for a queen or an Instagram star.

Eat at Son & Garden

Foreign Cinema

2534 Mission St.

Foreign Cinema has been around since 1999 and has been repeatedly voted one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. The Instagram quotient? The red carpet at the entrance and the movie accents throughout the restaurant, in addition to the great food. Their fried chicken deserves a special mention. They screen movies, too. Check the restaurant's screening schedule to plan a visit in advance and grab a seat in the courtyard.

Eat at Foreign Cinema

Vive La Tarte

San Francisco Ferry Building

Have you ever had a tacro? It's a cross between a taco and a croissant—and it's delicious! You can find this crusty culinary creation every day at 11 a.m. at the Ferry Building.

Eat at Vive La Tarte

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