If you're in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, you'll want to make sure you stop by these unique shops.

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August 20, 2019

The San Francisco Shopping Guide to the Haight-Ashbury

Looking for tips on how to spend a day in the Haight-Ashbury? We'll go over where to shop in the Haight-Ashbury, what to see while you're browsing, and where to stop for a quick bite or a drink while you're in the city.

Love on Haight (1400 Haight St.)

When visiting the Haight-Ashbury, it's essential to look the part. The tie-dyed creations of Love on Haight have been a staple of the San Francisco scene for over twenty-five years. Stop in and grab t-shirts, leggings, tanks, or tops. A tie-dyed onesie is also a fantastic option for any souvenir-seeking friends with new babies. There's also an excellent selection of "flair" with hippie-style memorabilia, including pins, dog collars, books, headbands, scarves, and much more. Another reason to stop in? Love on Haight is a socially-conscious organization; a portion of the company's profits go to the homelessness initiative called Taking It to the Streets.

Amoeba Music (1855 Haight St.)

At one of the last truly great independent record shops in America, visitors can easily spend hours browsing the vintage and new vinyl at Amoeba. There are also tons of other musical treasures to be found, along with occasional high-energy live shows.

Derby of San Francisco (1472 Haight St.)

The sturdy Derby jacket, once a San Francisco staple, had disappeared from the public consciousness for years before Iraqi war veteran and San Francisco native Victor Suarez decided to bring them back. The jackets proved to be so popular that Suarez opened his own Derby store in the heart of Haight-Ashbury. The store features excellent service and high-quality apparel, with plenty of versions of the classic Derby jacket to take back home. Browse the shelves and bring back a piece of San Francisco culture.

Flywheel Coffee Roasters (672 Stanyan St.)

This beloved and family-owned San Francisco coffee shop is from founder, builder, and roaster Aquiles Guerrero, a native of Nicaragua who grew up picking beans on a coffee farm. His expertise shines through this lively shop, with authentic espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, cold brews, and much more in a scaled-down and engaging shop. Stop in to refuel with a quick caffeine jolt before getting to the rest of your shopping.

Loved to Death (1681 Haight St.)

For random delights, there's nothing in the city quite like Loved to Death. This funky "oddities shop" has been a quirky and beloved part of Haight-Ashbury for more than a decade. Stop in to browse and pick out something truly unique - from Victorian-era art and Bettie Page prints to carved skulls, cauldrons, crystals, and candles. There's even an entire section for "wet, framed, lucite, and dried specimens." A can't-miss spot.

Clay Oven Indian Restaurant (233 Fillmore St.)

There's a lot of amazing Indian cuisine in San Francisco. Clay Oven, off of Haight Street, is at the top of the list. This intimate and welcoming restaurant specializes in Indian favorites cooked in a traditional clay oven style. Stop in for the vegetable thali for two - with papadum, saag paneer, nan, samosa, and rice - or the hearty clay oven dinner for two, with papadum, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, and boti kababa. It's one of the best spots to eat in the entire city.

Haight Ashbury T-Shirts (1500 Haight St.)

Restock your t-shirt collection with style at Haight Ashbury T-shirts. This eclectic clothing store has an extensive selection of rock and roll tees, including everything from Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin tour tees to Bob Marley and Miles Davis shirts. For sports fans, there's also an excellent array of classic baseball tees.

Goorin Brothers Hat Shop (1446 Haight St.)

A great way to "top off" a Haight-Ashbury shopping experience? How about a selection from the fabled Goorin Brothers Hat Shop, featuring an array of hats for men and women? Go fancy with classics like fedoras, straws, gauchos, or top hats, or opt for one of the Goorin Brothers' fabled structured or unstructured baseball caps.

Booksmith (1644 Haight St.)

This quirky independent bookstore is a fixture for readings from celebrated authors, along with plenty of fabulous used and new volumes on its shelves. Check and see if there's an author you like coming to town, stop in to browse, or grab a drink from the "Bindery" bar to enjoy with the selections.

Haight Street Market (1530 Haight St.)

Be sure to take some of the treasures of Haight St. back home. The community-driven Haight Street Market is the spot to go for California-grown produce, groceries, and other treats. Grab some fine California wine or beer to take home or bring on a picnic.

Toronado (547 Haight St.)

For beer drinkers in San Francisco, Toronado is king. This cash-only pub sports one of the best beer menus in the country, featuring everything from the acclaimed Russian River Pliny the Elder IPA to treats from Jester King, Horus, Chimay, and Jackie O's. A fine pint (or two) at Toronado's is the perfect way to end a day perusing the stores of Haight-Ashbury.

Buffalo Exchange (1555 Haight St.)

Buffalo Exchange is one of the best spots in the city for bargain hunters and thrift shoppers. Shelves and racks are full of quirky, fun, and vintage clothing from all manner of eras, styles, and trends. Visitors will find everything from costumes and funky hats to suit jackets, old concert t-shirts, classic sports jerseys, and retro fashion accessories at the Exchange. Take your time perusing the aisles - you never know what type of mysterious treasure you might find within the Exchange.

Land of the Sun (1715 Haight St.)

Go ahead and have a legal flashback to the 1960s with the vintage style of Land of the Sun. This color-splashed vintage clothing and accessories store has a full selection of outfits that are a San Francisco necessity - everything from Grateful Dead concert and band tees to wild tie-dyed shirts and dresses. Land of the Sun isn't just for clothing, either - there's exquisite jewelry, Haight-Ashbury souvenir gifts, stickers, healing crystals, and stones. Another top? Dive into the aromatherapy section for some sweet-smelling memories of your San Francisco journey.

Ambiance (1458 Haight St)

The original location of this San Francisco favorite is one of the city's coolest spots for women's fashion. Ambiance is a lively and inspired boutique with vintage and modern styles, with fashion fits for any occasion. Ambiance also features a wide variety of scarves, jewelry, and other accessories. It's an ideal spot to pick out a gift for someone special in your life.

Held Over (1543 Haight Street)

The retro clothing selection at Held Over, a longtime neighborhood favorite, is accurately described as "epic." This enormous vintage clothing shop is overflowing with charming retro styles from every era of the 20th century. Dedicated shoppers can head in and grab a hat from the 40s or 50s, a shirt from the 60s, bell-bottoms from the 70s, modern suits from the 80s, and flannel from the 90s. Trek to Held Over to find a few treasures or put together an unbeatable outfit for a costume party.


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