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April 29, 2015

Sounds of San Francisco Podcast

Our scenic beauty has captured the eyes of many people since the moment they've looked out at the city through the red vine cables of the Golden Gate Bridge. The delicious food in San Francisco has captured their bellies, mouths and noses with the sense of taste and wonderful smells wafting in from the the many kitchens that dish out innovative dining experiences. But there is something in the background that's rumbling, tolling, coming from the docks of PIER 39 or from a ship passing by whispering, "This is San Francisco. We'll always be with you." Yes it's the sounds of the city, sounds that make San Francisco a unique place to visit and explore.

Explore the iconic sounds of San Francisco through our new podcast, Sounds of San Francisco and discover what makes them so special. Narrated by Michael Coleman, founder and director of SoundWorks, and Wild Wes of Wild SF Walking Tours, the soundscapes for each podcast were recorded by renowned sound designer Ann Kroeber, who has recorded sound effects for such films as The Star Wars Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and and Ryan Spenser.

It'll make you say, "Take me back to San Francisco."


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