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Waterfront Health and Wellness Opportunities with Giants Enterprises

What better way to get up and running than a tailor-made group fitness event?

Sponsored by Giants Enterprises

If you’re planning a convention or large meeting in San Francisco, get your group going with an exclusive health and wellness program. Giants Enterprises Race Management provides a full range of services to execute on all your operational logistical needs. They will create a custom fitness event that brings everyone together no matter their experience level. Whether you incorporate a fitness program in every city, or if this is your first experience, our team of Health & Wellness experts will create a custom program tailored to your exact needs. 

Giants Enterprises offers an array of Health and Wellness opportunities in and around the Ballpark. Run or walk a waterfront 5k along the scenic San Francisco Embarcadero, enjoy a sunrise yoga class on the Field, climb the steps of Oracle Park or work your way around the Ballpark on a guided fitness circuit.

For more information, call Giants Enterprises at (415) 947-3200 or email