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Cocktails from Hi Tops in the Castro

Where To Eat
In The Castro

The Castro offers more than just spirited nightlife and sexy shops. You can eat well here, too!

The Castro is one of San Francisco's most colorful neighborhoods, full of boutique shops, bars, and delicious food options.  We searched far and wide through this iconic neighborhood so that the next time you visit you know where to indulge in whatever your heart (and stomach) desires.

Cafe de Casa

3985 17th St.

Explore Cafe de Casa, a Brazilian restaurant and cafe that has been operating in the Bay Area for more than ten years. Savor their delicious pastries, including their famous Enroladinho de Queijo (coconut cheese bread), Coxinha (Brazilian pastry filled with chicken and cheese), Breguês (dough filled with ham, sausage, cheese, and tomato), or a delicious cheese bread sandwich.

Castro Tarts

564 Castro St.

The owners of Castro Tarts, Judy and Raymond, have owned their business for 18 years and love serving their home-cooked cuisine to their community. This unpretentious cafe and bakery specializes in Vietnamese dishes and homemade baked goods, including bahn mi, spring rolls, pho, cold vermicelli noodles, as well as all the classic American breakfast and lunch options you could want.


558 Castro St.

Here's where the quality and service of fine dining meet the comfort of your local neighborhood restaurant.  Fable has one of San Francisco's best brunches and is not your typical outdoor patio. It's a garden oasis!  Rotating seasonal menus and the freshest ingredients are sure to entice you no matter what time of year you visit.

Fable Garden Patio

Fisch & Flore

2298 Market St.

Recently reopened after a full remodel, this historic spot is a unique indoor/outdoor restaurant, bar, and community space, focusing on flavorful seafood dishes and refreshing drinks. Sustainability lies at the core of their mission, sourcing responsibly from local suppliers and ensuring quality while preserving our oceans.


3870 17th St.

Frances is a pricier option and full of hard-to-get tables. But oh, is it so worth it! With its focus on ingredients from local markets and farms, you can count on it always being fresh. The menu changes constantly, and the wine list is incredible —a true five-star experience not many neighborhoods can claim.  

Hi Tops

2247 Market St.

You heard it here first: Hi Tops might be known locally for having one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in the city. There, we said it! The original location of this buzzing gay sports bar is more than a local watering hole; it's a spot for delicious bar food, including corn dogs, nachos, and burgers. Don't forget to order their hangover-inducing "Haterade," a cocktail of vodka, glacier blue Gatorade, lemon cordial, and Red Bull, all served in a commemorative sports cup. It's strong; we warned you!

Cocktails from Hi Tops in the Castro

Hot Cookie

407 Castro St.

No visit to the Castro would be complete without a stop at Hot Cookie. A treat for any time of day, this delectable store serves up some of the tastiest (and most unique) sweets in San Francisco.  

Le Marais Bakery

498 Sanchez St.

Cafe culture is alive and well at Le Marais Bakery, one of the best places for brunch in SF. Start with French classics like an espresso and a homemade chocolate croissant before enjoying a delicious Croque Monsieur, all while enjoying outdoor seating and plenty of sunshine.

Mama Ji’s

4416 18th St.

This local spot has quickly become a neighborhood favorite. Lily (MaMa Ji herself) was born in Sichuan and brings the homestyle cooking that she grew up with to the masses. Enjoy her classic dim sum or something unique with a San Francisco twist, all in a cheerful space in this quaint hood.

Orphan Andy's

3991 17th St.

Made famous by shows like HBO’s Looking, Orphan Andy's is an iconic Castro dinner that has been serving meals to people after the clubs close or before their walk of shame. A visit to this greasy spoon includes no-frills diner food, perfect for a hangover or anytime you crave the perfect greasy burger.


4072 18th St.

This delicious Italian restaurant is way more than meets the eye. Hidden upstairs and through a narrow kitchen, it leads to one of the best-hidden patios in the city. Poesia's authentic Italian dishes are perfectly paired with an exceptional wine menu. Don‘t forget to explore Poesia Cafe on the ground floor for Italian pastries and espresso.


2251 Market St.

This buzzing all-day spot is a hit for every occasion, including weekend brunch or a casual weeknight dinner. Located on Market Street next to other bars and restaurants, Santaria is the best spot to cruise the neighborhood for locals and visitors, all looking for a refreshing margarita and great Mexican food.

The Sausage Factory

517 Castro St.

Nestled on Castro Street, The Sausage Factory has been a culinary icon of the gayborhood since 1968. With an on-the-nose name that fits the neighborhood, this restaurant is quintessentially SF. From homemade sausages to mouthwatering pasta dishes and perfect pizzas, this is a must for Italian food in the Castro.


3583 16th St.

Starbelly is a casual and friendly neighborhood restaurant serving up Californian comfort food. If you have a big group and are looking for a patio to accommodate, Starbelly is the place for you. Don't forget to ask for your burger "Doc's Way," as one of the best secret menu items in SF.

Super Duper Burger

2304 Market St

To many San Franciscans, this local restaurant has one of the best burgers in the city. At the original location, enjoy juicy, grass-fed beef patties, hand-cut fries, and delicious (adult) milkshakes, as well as numerous vegetarian burgers, chicken sandwiches, and iconic SF eat, garlic fries.

Taco Boys

2312 Market St.

This straightforward Mexican spot has only a few seats but plenty of flavor! Taco Boys is usually busy on the weekends, with locals satisfying their post-club munchies. Grab a staple Mission-style burrito, tacos, or one of their numerous vegetarian options; their menu has it all!

Legacy Businesses in Castro

San Francisco has a long and tasty history, and the Castro is a great place to explore that. Many businesses around the city have been given Legacy status due to their contributions to the city’s colorful culture. Eat your way through some of them while in the Castro.

Anchor Oyster Bar

579 Castro St.

We'll let you in on a little secret: Anchor Oyster Bar is the local's preferred seafood spot when they don't want to wait in line at Swan Oyster Depot. Since 1977, this classic San Francisco seafood experience has it all: exceptional people-watching from the front windows, fresh seafood, and friendly service. What more could you ask for? 

The Cove on Castro

434 Castro St.

For over 48 years, The Cove on Castro has been serving delicious home-style meals that have warmed the hearts and satisfied the stomachs of generations. With freshly prepared handmade soups and bread every day, The Cove is your welcoming oasis on San Francisco's Castro Street for great food.

Thai House Express

599 Castro St.

In San Francisco's Castro district, Thai House Express stands out for its fusion of traditional Thai flavors with modern twists. With a cozy ambiance and welcoming staff, it's a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. From classic Pad Thai to innovative dishes, every bite is a burst of authentic Thai taste.

Marcello's Pizza

420 Castro St.

Marcello's Pizza is a beloved spot known for its authentic New York-style pies. It's perfect for a quick slice before a fun event in the Castro or for a late-night snack after the bars close. Their pizza is crafted with care, from the hand-tossed dough to the flavorful sauce and generous toppings, ensuring a mouthwatering experience with every slice.

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