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North Beach

Devil's Acre


Located in the heart of North Beach on Columbus Avenue, Devil's Acre's expansive windows usher in the sun, and charm of the historic neighborhood, balanced by the secret subterranean apothecary Remedie Room bar.

In The Devil's Acre we pay tribute to the Barbary Coast era of the 1850's to the early 1900's. This area was born during the California Gold Rush. However, the San Francisco Barbary Coast was not a place in which to lose your wits. Join us at The Devil's Acre and step inside to sample a time when the difference between a saloon keeper and pharmacist wasn’t much, and both were prone to prescribing a variety of alcohol based mixtures that were supposed to “cure what ails you.”

At The Devil's Acre, we're happy to provide services for all your event needs ranging from happy hours, conference after parties, corporate holiday parties and personal celebrations. Our event formation options include; full venue rental (up to 130 guests), main bar rental (up to 90 guests), and Remedie room rental (up to 30 guests).

Devil's Acre

256 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, California 94133

(415) 766-4363

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