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Love on Haight


Love on Haight is a beacon to all that is Haight Ashbury. We have been a tiedye shop for over twenty five years. It started as “Positively Haight Street” owned by famed tiedyer James (Jim) Preston who held down the corner for many years. In 2012, Ben “Jammin” StRebel bought the shop from Jim and opened “Jammin on Haight” keeping the spirit of the Summer of Love alive with locally made tiedye produced by his own family. Over the next few years Benjamin and Co-Owner/ Manager Sunshine “Sunny” Powers made it their mission to revitalize Haight Street and to bring back the color, creativity and consciousness that Haight Street is historically known for.

Love on Haight also gives a portion of its profits to Taking it to the Streets because we need to fix the issue of homelessness that plagues Haight Street and it is about finding real solutions to real problems.

Love is the most powerful thing in the world…and the power to Change the world comes from Within!

Love on Haight

1400 Haight Street
San Francisco, California 94117

(415) 817-1027

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