Glass walls revealing view of the Presidio at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Discover Walt Disney's Legacy at the Walt Disney Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum brings to life the fascinating and inspiring story of Walt Disney, who helped define 20th century American culture with his artistic skills, creativity and vision.

About the Museum

The museum opened its doors in the Presidio of San Francisco in 2009. The space showcases Walt Disney's creations and his pursuit of innovation and excellence, a path he followed while continuing to entertain and fascinate generations worldwide.

The Walt Disney Family Museum combines contemporary, interactive galleries with cutting-edge exhibits, plus early drawings, films, music, and cartoons. It also features a spectacular model of Disneyland and much more material on Walt Disney's legacy.

Interior of Walt Disney family museum

On Walt Disney's Legacy

Disney was the creator of Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, and his eponymous production company, which created many iconic animated films. He enjoyed a challenge and founded his first business at 19, working non-stop during his career to turn animation into an art form. Through animated and live-action films, television shows, characters and theme parks, Disney created international symbols and icons that are indelible in popular culture even 50 years after his death.

"My father's name is one of the most famous in the world. However, the real person has disappeared as the Disney brand has grown," said Diane Disney Miller, Disney's daughter and co-founder of the museum. "Our commitment is to tell the life of Walt Disney in his own words and those of the people who knew him well and worked with him. My father was a very open person, and, in many of the conversations and interviews that can be heard in the galleries, the story of his life is shown. It's an incredible story and Dad actually loved telling it. Thanks to the fantastic work of many committed people, we have the honor of being able to tell it in the museum. And we do it through the tools he worked with: art, music, film and technology. This way, we can show an honest yet tender portrait of this great artist and person."

The Walt Disney Family Museum, housed in a row of red-brick former barracks, stands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, California.
The Walt Disney Family Museum is housed within former army barracks.

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