Bicycling in Crissy Field

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February 5, 2016
Bicycling in Crissy Field

Exploring San Francisco by Bike

Covering over seven by seven miles, San Francisco offers more than 150 bike trails and paths that make it a haven for bicycling enthusiasts, and perfect for new or experienced riders to find a route best for their exploring. The city's legendary hills and multiple dedicated lanes support the biking culture and complement the diverse cycling experience, taking one from the colder and windier outskirts to the warmer and calmer interior of downtown.

The west area of the city features more open riding along both city trails through Golden Gate Park or Fort Funston, or along off-road paths, including up Mount Davidson, which takes riders to the highest natural point in the city and into a lushforest, known locally as 'the jungle.' Central area paths include routes through vibrant neighborhoods such as the Mission District, where the street lights are timed at bicycle speed, allowing riders a 'green wave' of flow down Valencia Street. Paths and trails in the city's north area focus on the Presidio, with its challenging ascents and descents, to across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito, perfect for a lunch stop and to see the city from across the bay. Downtown and urban vibes dominate the destination choices in San Francisco's east area, where you ride by Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants and many of the city's well-known museums.

Urban biking enthusiasts should make sure to check out one of the city's iconic paths, 'The Wiggle,' well-known for its zigzag pattern between the Duboce Triangle neighborhood to the Golden Gate Park panhandle, and near Buena Vista Park and the famous 'Painted Ladies' of Alamo Square. At under two miles and mostly flat, it's a good introduction to the city for urban-cycling beginners as well as those looking to take it easier.

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