Whales: Giants of the Deep

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March 16, 2015
Whales: Giants of the Deep

Whales: Giants of the Deep

The Whales: Giants of the Deep exhibit has ended. Please visit California Academy of Sciences for current exhibitions.

Mighty and mysterious, colossal and charismatic—whales have captured our minds and inspired wonder for centuries, yet remain some of the most elusive creatures on the planet. 

In this immersive and interactive exhibit, explore the evolutionary history of whales and discover the dynamic role they play in ocean ecosystems. Marvel at enormous sperm whale skeletons, crawl through a life-sized replica of a blue whale heart, and learn how scientists are studying and sustaining whale populations around the world and off the California coast. Travel to great depths with a mighty sperm whale wrestling a giant squid. Step inside a sound chamber to hear the squeaks, whistles, and songs of eight different whale species. This exhibit is just too big to miss!

Located in the Academy’s Forum, Whales will run through Nov. 29, 2015. In support of this upcoming exhibit, the Academy will launch a suite of new programs that highlight whale biology and migration, as well as invite visitors to participate in a porpoise skeleton articulation for a portion of the exhibit’s run.

Whales is developed and presented by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.


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