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August 21, 2014

What Floats Your Boat?

We have the water for whatever floats your boat… or paddle board or inner tube or canoe. If you’re looking for a refreshing getaway with beautiful vistas in every direction, consider the lakes of Redding and the Shasta Cascade Wonderland!

Shasta Lake

North of Redding and visible from I-5, Shasta Lake is known as the "Houseboat Capital of the World," boasting the largest rental houseboat fleet in the world and more than 360 miles of shoreline. Wooded flats; steep, rocky hillsides; secluded creeks; an occasional waterfall, and thousands of acres of mountainous country surround the lake. With literally hundreds of coves to claim for an afternoon (or two), you may never leave the boat again! Shasta Lake is the largest recreational reservoir in California, so it’s no surprise that it offers a wide variety of vacation experiences. It welcomes all from basic campers on pontoons, to floating luxury condominiums. Powerboats, skiing, wakeboarding and personal watercrafts are popular on Shasta Lake, and are available to rent at a variety of lakeside businesses. In addition to boating, several lakeside resorts and RV parks provide a relaxing vacation alternative to get away from it all.

Whiskeytown Lake

Just eight miles west of Redding, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is at the juncture of the Klamath Mountain range and the northern edge of the Sacramento Valley, making it home to a special collection of plant and animal life, and the serene Whiskeytown Lake. Water recreation is popular during the drier summer months, and the lake’s 36 miles of shoreline and 3,200 surface acres offer a placid expanse of beautiful blue water surrounded by mountains and trees. Whiskeytown Lake is excellent for swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, rowing and fishing, and Oak Bottom and Brandy Creek are popular beaches for all ages of swimmers, sunbathers and picnickers. Generations of sailors have enjoyed the quiet lake for sail boating, and the Whiskeytown Memorial Regatta has celebrated 45 years of racing.

Lake Oroville

Eastward in Butte County, Lake Oroville is a hub for boating and fishing enthusiasts and offers camping, biking trails, equestrian activities, and much more. Fishing magazines love Lake Oroville for its bass fishing, and the lake hosts several tournaments every year. The lake is formed by the Oroville Dam crossing the Feather River, and the dam’s Hyatt Power Plant can generate more than enough power to light nearly 200,000 homes for 24 hours. Elsewhere on the lake, the Forebay Aquatic Center rents kayaks, canoes, sailboats, and paddleboats, and offers lessons and youth camps. There are no motor restrictions on Lake Oroville, and Bidwell Canyon Marina and the Lake Oroville Marina both rent all sizes of ski boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, houseboats, party barges and personal watercraft.

Trinity Lake

Trinity Lake is northwest of Redding and is the third largest lake in California. With 147 miles of shoreline, it remains uncrowded even during the summer peak months. The many secluded, tree-lined coves are perfect for anglers and houseboaters and its crystal clear waters contain a variety of prize fish including trout, smallmouth bass, and King Salmon. Lewiston Lake offers boating, fishing, swimming and camping experiences, while marinas on Trinity Lake also rent houseboats and other types of watercraft. In Southern Trinity County, Ruth Lake offers similar boating and fishing opportunities. All this and more is perfect for a relaxing vacation of a lifetime or just a few days away.

Lake Shastina

The pristine mountain waters of Lake Shastina are another option for boaters who want to enjoy a view of the mountains from their seat on the water. Powerboats, houseboats, chartered boats, and jet skis are available to rent at Lake Shastina, and kayaker and paddle boarders will appreciate the clean water and frequent gusty afternoon winds, making this a favorite destination for windsurfing and sailing.

Photo by: Supreeth Rao / CC BY

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