Although the Wharf caters to tourists, you can rub elbows with San Francisco locals at these spots. When you visit Fisherman's Wharf, bring your appetite.

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May 10, 2022

Where to Eat in Fisherman's Wharf

Once a bustling waterfront where fishermen would unload heaps of Dungeness crabFisherman's Wharf is now an attraction on every visitor's itinerary. Home to world-famous Irish coffees, just-out-of-the-oven sourdough bread, and the cutest San Francisco residents—the sea lions—it's no wonder it's such a crowd-pleaser. It is also home to a number of delicious restaurants. Although the Wharf caters to tourists, you can rub elbows with San Francisco locals at these spots. When you visit Fisherman's Wharf, bring your appetite.

Boudin Bistro (160 Jefferson St.)
You can't visit Fisherman's Wharf without stopping here to taste the original sourdough bread that put San Francisco on the map (OK, gold did, too). It's been imitated across the world but never replicated. See with your own eyes where bakers make bread with a recipe they've nurtured since 1849. Afterward, head upstairs to the full-service restaurant that offers some of the best bay views in the city, with panoramic sights of AlcatrazAngel Island and Marin. You can also find Boudin at PIER 39. Dishes to get: Clam Chowder Breadbowl.


Brick & Beam (555 North Point St.)
Located within the Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf, Brick & Beam celebrates the heritage of the historic neighborhood with culinary craftsmanship in a stunning space of brick, wood and steel. This is the spot for appetizers, TVs and getting chummy with the bartenders. Dishes to get: Crispy Gilroy Garlic Fries, Truffle Mushroom Pizza.

Cioppino's (400 Jefferson St.)
Cioppino is a flavorful seafood soup that has been proudly served for over 100 years. In fact, it’s so good that they named their restaurant after it! Cioppino’s has a prime location that overlooks the San Francisco Bay. Dishes to get: Cioppino, Dungeness Crab Cakes.


The Grotto (9 Fisherman's Wharf)
Another Fishermen's Wharf stalwart that harkens back to the neighborhood's fishing origins is Fishermen's Grotto serving seafood since 1935. The original restaurant (still in the same spot) was decorated in a Venetian motif, with painted mooring poles reminiscent of Venice. Today, it's a great place to sit down, grab a cocktail and fresh seafood, and marvel at how far it has come. Dish to get: Dungeness Crab Sandwich.


Fog Harbor Fish House (PIER 39)
From the family who developed PIER 39 comes the first restaurant in Fisherman's Wharf to serve 100% sustainable seafood. Still family-owned and operated, you can see the Simmons family in the dining room on a daily basis. Dishes to get: the Garlic Roasted Whole Dungeness Crab.

McCormick & Kuleto's (900 North Point St.)
Located in historic Ghirardelli Square in the William Wurster Building, McCormick & Kuleto's was created in 1991 by two friends, the famed San Francisco restaurant designer Pat Kuleto and the renowned restaurateur Bill McCormick. They designed this restaurant using their surroundings as their inspiration. Once you step inside, you'll see why it was included in the 49-Mile Scenic Drive and is designated a San Francisco Landmark. Dishes to get: Alaskan King Crab Claws, Stuffed Atlantic Salmon.

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Palette Tea House & Dim Sum (900 North Point St.)
Some of the most colorful dim sum in San Francisco can be found in Ghirardelli Square. A modern perspective of Cantonese cooking comes from the family behind Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux. You'll find a Pacific-inspired cocktail list that rounds out the casual atmosphere along with dim sum. Dishes to get: Palette dim sum sampler, custard crystal dumpling, and black swan taro puff

Pescatore (2455 Mason St.)
You don't have to leave the neighborhood if you want an expertly made cocktail from a mixologist. Just head to Pescatore. Not only is their signature cocktail menu great, but so is the food. Dishes to get: Crab-Filled Ravioli, Tuna Tartar.


From amazing views and a sea of sea lions to chowder bread bowls and California wines, PIER 39 is a must-visit on every visitor's itinerary, especially if you're hungry. With two levels of dining, there's plenty to choose from. For upscale seafood options, there's Fog Harbor Fish House. If you're looking for more seafood casual options, PIER 39 has Chowders, Crab House, Pier Market, and Wipeout Bar and Grill. Eagle Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Hard Rock Cafe, and Players Sports Arcade & Grill are perfect spots to entertain the entire family.

Scoma's (Pier 47)
Scoma's, family-owned and operated for almost 50 years, has a commitment to quality seafood and service. The fact that they own their own boat, which goes out past the bay to catch its own fresh fish, shows that Scoma's walks the walk. Dishes to get: Lazy Man Cioppino, King Salmon Crudo.

This is just a small sampling of the many delicious restaurants in Fisherman's Wharf. We strongly recommend that you walk around the neighborhood and see which restaurant calls out to you. You won't be disappointed.

Surisan (505 Beach St.)
While seafood is ubiquitous in Fisherman's Wharf, you can still find diverse cuisine. Enter Surisan, a California-fied take on Korean food. You will find Korean classics like bibimbap, jook, and pajun alongside brunch classics like Millionaire's Bacon, stuffed french toast, and ricotta pancakes. Dishes to get: Pimped up Ramyun (think overspilling Cup 'O Noodles) 


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