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Performing Arts
Performing Arts
Mission District

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts


The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA) was established in 1977 by artists and community activists with a shared vision to promote, preserve and develop the Latino cultural arts that reflect the living tradition and experiences of the Chicano, Central and South American, and Caribbean people. MCCLA makes the arts accessible as an essential element to the community's development and well-being. Originally the old Shaff�s Furniture store, MCCLA was purchased by the City and County of San Francisco to serve as an official Cultural Center of San Francisco.

Artists from all over the world have been afforded space at MCCLA and Mission Grafica, the graphic department that was also established in 1977. Mission Grafica has catalogued over 4,000 posters in its archive, which is now an important collection of Latino/Chicano works of historical significance, as it preserves a visual reminder of the Latino/Chicano struggle and roots.

The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts offers many arts and cultural activities for local residents and visitors, such as: affordable classes in dance, studio recording, printmaking and music for youth and adults; exhibits in their 3,231 sq. ft. gallery reflecting the tradition and experiences of Latino communities; and a variety performance arts showcases in the Center's 150-seat theater.

The Mission District is a popular neighborhood where visitors can enjoy popular sites in the Calle 24 Latino Cultural Corridor (24th Street).

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2868 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

(415) 821-1155

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