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Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry

Family owned and operated since 1959, the Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry Company has a rich local history.
Samuel McDonogh originally made a living by hunting water fowl on McDonogh Island in Petaluma. He sold ducks to the poultry markets in San Francisco.
When the railroad came to Tiburon, so did McDonogh, when he opened McDonogh's Chowder Boarding House. Here he served both visitors and railroad workers. Eventually, Sam's son, Sam McDonogh II, began a service transporting military supplies and personnel to Angel Island.
Sam also took vacationers in Tiburon on fishing excursions. $0.25 bought bait, tackle, and a ride to the fishing grounds. He even ran a marine shuttle between the Golden Gate Bridges towers during its construction.
Sam's son Milton began the Angel Island Ferry service in 1959 by converting an old, 50-person navy launch vessel. He named it the Gaycin after his nieces, Gail and Cindy. With the Gaycin, the Angel Island Ferry Service was born. Opening day, Milton made a total of $7. Throughout the years Milton had several vessels starting with a large gondola-type vessel name Margarits. However, as business increased, Milton decided to build a boat specially for the operation. In 1975 Milton launched the "Angel Island".
Milton's daughter Maggie continues to operate Milton's business with an updated fleet. Maggie's children, Becky and Sam, represent five generations of family tradition in Tiburon.

Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry

21 Main Street
Tiburon, California 94920

(415) 435-2131


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