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SFO Area

DFS Group, L.P.

DFS Airport is the destination for travelers seeking world-class brands and personalized services all in one place. Explore ready-to-go gifts and first-class essentials while enjoying personal shopping assistance and complimentary beauty services all at your convenience.

Anyone can shop duty free at DFS. Duty free items are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties. Simply present your flight itinerary, including your date of travel, airline and airport arrival information, for a seamless shopping experience.

From one destination to the next, we seek to inspire travelers everywhere with the world's finest selection of exceptional products and unparalleled service at every point along their journey. Discover value and style when you shop before departure and upon arrival at any of our DFS Airport stores.

DFS at San Francisco International Airport is the ultimate destination for jetsetters who want to enjoy professional and personalized customer service along with the cachet of luxury shopping. With concessions in Concourse A and Concourse G of the International Terminal, DFS SFO offers a wide selection across a diverse portfolio of categories including Fashion, Watches, Jewelry and Accessories; Spirits, Wine, Tobacco, Food and Gifts; and Beauty, Fragrances and Well-being.

Main Line (A Terminal): 650-444-1878 and (G Terminal): 650-444-1920

DFS Group, L.P.

San Francisco International Airport, 100 International Loop, Concourse G, Gate 91 – Courtyard 4
San Francisco, California 94128

(310) 702-8791

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