Love is always in the air in San Francisco, so if you're looking for a perfect spot to pop the question, you're in luck. These are the eight romantic proposal spots in San Francisco.

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January 19, 2020

7 Romantic Proposal Spots in San Francisco

If you’re looking to pop the question, there is no better place to do it than the city that lives and breathes unconditional love. No matter what you’re looking for in a proposal spot, you’ll be able to find it in San Francisco. All of these locations are outdoors, meaning that you don't have to let current public health orders impede your special moment. Here are the best places in San Francisco to propose.

Sutro Baths

For the history lovers, the Sutro Baths are a perfect reminder that San Francisco’s unique architecture and culture is nothing new.  Located on the northwest shore of the city, these ruins have an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. This is certainly a unique and fun place to pop the question and snap some incredible candid pics.

Sunset is arguably the best time to visit. Weekends can get busy, so weekdays are recommended if you’re looking to be alone.

Baker Beach and China Beach

Baker Beach provides a stunning and unusual view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s easily accessible by car or by hiking trails, as it is located on the west side of the Presidio. Despite the adjacent rocky cliffs, the sand is soft and pleasant to walk on hand-in-hand with your partner.

Although it can get quite crowded on weekends, the mile-long beach has room to get away.  For a smaller, more private location, check out the nearby China Beach. In fact, you can even walk between the beaches at low tide and get to explore the fascinating tide pools.

Mount Davidson

Mount Davidson is San Francisco’s tallest peak and is located right in the middle of the city, giving you a wonderful view of the entire bay. This hill is famous thanks to its massive cross at the peak, a beautiful monument to spirituality and love.

Lush tree cover provides shade on the short hiking trail to the peak. Mt. Davidson is very easy to get to, so this lookout is definitely worth looking into if you want a memorable proposal.

Stow Lake

The picturesque Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park is straight out of a fairy tale. You can choose to take a row boat on the water, stroll across the stone bridges, or admire the beautiful Huntington Waterfall. The lake is surrounded by trees and lightly trafficked paths, giving photographers great vantage points to set up.

Lover’s Lane

Lover's Lane is rich with the history of true love. Lover’s Lane was originally visited by soldiers stationed in the Presidio who would sneak out and walk along the path to visit their lovers in the Mission District. The eucalyptus forest separates the area from the nearby roads but still allows rays of sunlight to penetrate through, producing a mystic aura that is elevated during golden hour.

Joggers and birdwatchers frequent the area on the weekends, so consider the weekdays for a more private proposal.

Palace of Fine Arts

This astounding monument was originally built for the world's fair in San Francisco in 1915. This Roman-inspired hall is gorgeous at any time of the day, but its tan surfaces turn golden when illuminated by lights near sundown. The dome seems to sit perfectly on the adjacent reflection pool, making this location even more magical.

The Palace often has visitors either picnicking or just walking through, but this does not takes away from the architecture’s idyllic romanticism. It is especially popular for wedding photos!

Ocean Beach Fire Pits

Sunset bonfires at Ocean Beach are a favorite pastime for any San Franciscan. The designated fire pits here will allow you and your partner to get cozy and enjoy a romantic evening on the beach. This beach runs along the entire west coast of San Francisco and provides an endless view of the Pacific Ocean. Watching the sun set over the horizon, you won’t be able to stop yourself from imagining the rest of your lives together.


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