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July 14, 2015
Temple by David Best

Temple on Patricia's Green: An Urban Oasis

This urban oasis known as Hayes Valley’s Patricia’s Green will be home to a new installation by native San Francisco sculptor David Best, who is primarily known for his Burning Man festival wood sculptures. Appointed by the San Francisco Arts Commission in partnership with Burning Man, this year commemorates the 10th anniversary of Best’s first Hayes Valley Temple piece in 2005 at the same location.

The new 37-foot high Temple at Patricia’s Green is an interactive installation and intended to be a place of remembrance, to acknowledge hope and grief. People will be allowed to write and draw on the artwork itself, and in doing so, it becomes something more than an empty building. As David Best encouraged, it has no life until the community brings that life to it. As people contribute to the piece, the Temple will become a communal place to express personal experiences, creating a strong affinity within Hayes Valley. Together, Patricia’s Green and the public arts around it, symbolize not only the spirit of Hayes Valley, but the essence of San Francisco as a whole.

Burning Man began as a one-night event in 1986 on one of San Francisco’s popular beaches, Baker Beach. Now, it is an annual eight-day event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert that draws more than 70,000 participants. On the eighth day of Burning Man, it is tradition to set one of the temples created by David Best ablaze, symbolizing a remembrance of loved ones. Fortunately, the Temple at Patricia’s Green is weather proof and will be enjoyed and cherished throughout the year.

While you’re there:

At the middle of San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood lie two priceless patches of open lawn known as Patricia’s Green. One of more than 220 parks and open spaces in the City by the Bay and surrounded by local businesses, Patricia’s Green encompasses a tight knit community whose history is important to understand. For nearly 40 years, a section of Hwy. 101 ran through the stretch that is Patricia’s Green; the neighborhood was a a tad on the rough side. However, when the freeway was damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, opportunity presented itself in the name of Patricia Walkup, for whom the park is named after. Walkup founded the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association and led the community through much of the 1990s to tear down the freeway ruins and turn the neighborhood around. Today, Hayes Valley is one of San Francisco’s trendiest and most lauded neighborhoods. 

Consisting of well-maintained lawn, plenty of seating, and public artworks on rotation, Patricia’s Green is an easy visit or a go-to spot for those who wish to take a fresh breath. There is much to see and activities to do here; shopping at boutique stores and galleries, enjoying nitrogen-frozen ice cream from Smitten or Hayes Valley Espresso with hints of cocoa, orange zest, and a smoky finish from Blue Bottle Coffee. It is a prime spot to get a strong shot of energy while also being a place to easily relax and enjoy public artworks. If you’re looking for a meal, Hayes Valley is jam packed with different delicious options. 

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