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October 31, 2019

7 San Francisco Drinks That Will Warm You Up During the Holidays

Given San Francisco’s unpredictable climate, it’s good to know a few places where you can stop in and warm your bones. Try some of these tasty treats this winter while you’re exploring the city.

Irish Coffee

Riders on the city’s famous cable cars have long stopped for an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Café. The first in America to serve it (according to the historical plaque), their method of aging and frothing the cream so that it floats dates back to 1952. It’s not far from PIER 39, so it’s a great place to warm up before or after having some holiday fun.

Warm Winter Bowl

Exploring the city with friends? Then you definitely have to drop in to White Chapel and work together to finish their Warm Winter Bowl. This shared concoction was inspired by Charles Dickens, famed author of "A Christmas Carol." It's just one of the many creative cocktails you can sample at this British-flavored bar, which features the widest selection of gins in North America.

Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is an uncomplicated drink that can be had almost anywhere; however, if you want the genuine article, head to Elixir in the Mission. A staple of any neighborhood bar crawl, this neo-Victorian saloon serves more than 330 different whiskeys, meaning your basic hot toddy can take on any additional taste from vanilla notes to a serious peaty flavor.

Afternoon Tea

Perhaps the most stylish way to warm up on the waterfront is afternoon tea at The Slanted Door. The James Beard Award-winning restaurant in the famous Ferry Building serves afternoon tea every day (2:30-4:30 p.m.), offering herbal blends and oolongs, black Hong Kong milk tea and Thousand Days red jasmine. An afternoon dining menu also gives you a chance to sample some of chef Charles Phan’s legendary dishes.

Loose Leaf Tea

Samovar has three tea houses in San Francisco: one at Yerba Buena Gardens, one in the Mission and one in the Castro. Each serves up a selection of organic, single origin and direct import teas. The Castro and Yerba Buena Gardens locations also feature full menus, offering a selection of items that pair exceptionally well with the tea in stock.

European Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for something a bit more indulgent, head to the nearby Boulette’s Larder for their European hot chocolate. It’s thick, fortifying and served straight out of a copper kettle.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

And since this is San Francisco, Mexican hot chocolate must not be overlooked. No taquería has the bragging rights to authenticity that La Oaxaqueña has. Until the city put a stop to it, they used to serve grasshopper tacos! The cinnamon-y Mexican hot chocolate here is a genuine treat. Made with ground almonds, it’s even better with a pinch of guajillo chili powder for that addictive burn.


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