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August 21, 2014

Noise Pop Q & A: Aaron Eisenberg of the Soft White Sixties

Aaron Eisenberg


Potrero Hill

What do you love about your neighborhood?

The view.

Native or Transplant:

Transplant. I moved here when I was 20 to study film and ended up in a rock band. Joey (our drummer) is a native though - straight out tha' Mission.

How long have you lived in SF:

5 years


The Soft White Sixties

SF is…

What do you like better: Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge. It's more of a "special occasion" bridge and looks totally killer on Instagram.

What's your favorite neighborhood to hang out in (other than your own)?

My girlfriend lived in the Outer Sunset for a while and that's kind of the polar opposite of Potrero so it was a nice contrast. Lots of fog, being able to hear the ocean, and Golden Gate Indian Cuisine and Pizza were perks. But now that she's relocated to my 'hood, I'd probably go with Bernal/Outer Mission.

Where is your secret outdoor spot?

Is that a trick question?

Where and what would be your last meal here in San Francisco?

I'm gonna go with my last day of meals because that's too tough. Breakfast at Plow, lunch at Pal's Takeaway, and then dinner at Foreign Cinema.

What restaurant have you been meaning to eat at, but haven't?

Rich Table has been recommended a few times.

What is your go-to drink spot?

Rock Bar for old-fashioneds and the jukebox. But it's Laszlo if Diamond Jim Greer is on the 1's and 2's.

"See a show at Great American Music Hall and/or The Fillmore, drink a cup of Philz coffee, get a burrito in the Mission (La Alteña in the daytime, Farolito after midnight)."

What is your favorite spot to snap a picture in SF?

The view of downtown from my street.

What is the one celebration in the city you look forward to every year?

Halloween, but we've been on tour the last three years it's come around so I'm hoping we'll get another one in here sometime soon.

Where do you escape the hustle and bustle beyond the bridge?

I grew up in the Sierra Foothills in a little town called Cool (yes), so I like to run up there and recharge, hang with my folks, and jump in the river whenever I can.

What is your favorite place in San Francisco to act like a tourist?

See a show at Great American Music Hall and/or The Fillmore, drink a cup of Philz coffee, get a burrito in the Mission (La Alteña in the daytime, Farolito after midnight).

What piece of advice would you give to a traveler about visiting the city?

Bring a jacket.

The Soft White Sixties will be performing at The Chapel on February 28th during Noise Pop. Go see them!


The Soft White Sixties will release their debut full-length album, ‘Get Right.’ on Mar. 4, 2014. ‘Get Right.’ is driven by the hard hitting rock beats of drummer Joey Bustos who is locked in step with Ryan Noble’s melodic bass lines, Aaron Eisenberg’s nouveau vintage guitar and keyboards and the quartet is capped off by the seductive vocals of Octavio Genera. It is the much anticipated follow up to their 2011 EP which garnered the band attention and praise when it was picked up by NBC's Golf Channel, KEXP, Live 105 amongst others.

True to form, The Soft White Sixties are a band in every sense of the word, featuring four distinctive players. The style of each member melds together perfectly to create infectious get-up-and-dance songs with insightful lyrics, deft musicianship and a killer live show.

'Get Right.' was produced by Jim Greer (Foster The People, Dan the Automator) in Berkeley, CA at Opus Studios. It was mixed by Glenn Rosenstein (David Bowie, U2, James Brown) and Andre Doucette (30 Seconds to Mars) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, The Shins).

2013 was a fantastic year for The Soft White Sixties. They performed on the main stage at the famed Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, supported The Hives at The Fillmore for Rolling Stone’s Private Concert Series, opened for Gaslight Anthem at The Fox Theater in Oakland and officially showcased at SXSW for the third consecutive year where they were named by Paste Magazine as one of the top 25 bands of 2013. 2014 will see the band return to Austin, a main stage set at The Chapel in SF for Noise Pop as well as a national tour that will crisscross the country in support of the release of 'Get Right.'

Photo by: KC Fitzgerald / CC BY

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