Top Places to Grab a Sandwich in San Francisco

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April 30, 2017

13 Amazing Places to Grab a Sandwich in San Francisco

Love sandwiches? Join the “club.” (Pun very much intended.) Ask anyone about their favorite sandwich place and you're likely to get more than 60 different answers. So we'll cut straight to the delicious part — try all these great sandwiches. Here's the list, in an easily digestible form...

Rhea's Deli (800 Valencia St.)
Nestled on the corner of Valencia and 19th streets, sits an unassuming deli/liquor store combination that wouldn't make many do a double-take, except on a sunny day when there are lines and lines of people waiting for a sandwich to take with them to Dolores Park. The must-haves at this sandwich shop: Korean Steak Sandwich and Valencia Street.

Deli Board (1058 Folsom St.)
Born in the Midwest with East Coast flair, but grew up in California, Deli Board melds all these delicious styles to serve up in-your-face, instant-coma sandwiches. At lunch, look for lines around the corner. Don't be worried — it's worth it. The must-have is: Gold-N-Berg-Stein or any variation of it (the menu changes every couple of months).

Woodhouse Fish Co. (2073 Market St.)
What's a seafood restaurant with red checkered table coverings doing on this list? The answer: It's the Split-Top Maine Lobster Roll from Woodhouse Fish Co. You're welcome.

The Yellow Submarine (503 Irving St.)
Yellow Sub is the first of our local joints on this list. How local you ask? It's all the way in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. As you walk in, you'll immediately be hit with the smell of Boston-style toasted subs. So sit down, relax and bite into a pastrami or turkey toasted sub. 'Nuf said.

Submarine Center (820 Ulloa St.)
Hiding out all the way in West Portal, Sub Center is a must if you consider yourself a fan of the simpler things in life. Some people have found bliss in the perfect ratio of fillings to meat to bread. Others have found themselves a full stomach. Get yourself a hot pastrami during the later lunch hours when you won't be clawing your way through the line of high schoolers.

Tommy's Joynt (1101 Geary Blvd.)
Right along the main drag of Van Ness sits a long-standing city institution called Tommy's Joynt, open since 1947. The city's first hof-brau, Tommy's welcomes strangers young and old from far and wide. While the city has gone through changes, Tommy's has stayed virtually the same since it opened. Come in and sample some San Francisco history and munch on the brisket or corned beef sandwiches.

Molinari Delicatessen (373 Columbus Ave.)
Built on a structural foundation and proper layering techniques, Molinari's serves some of the best and freshest ingredients at North Beach's favorite Italian deli. Just like Tommy's, Molinari's has been around for a very long time, serving their customers arguably some of the best sandwiches in San Francisco. Must-haves include the Italian Sausage, Mortadella and Molinari's Special Italian Combo.

Roxie Market & Deli and Roxie Food Center (500 Kirkham St. and 1901 San Jose Ave.)
Hell, these shops might have totally different owners, but they have the same name and they are both freaking delicious, so who cares? They both have a few meat options and two bread options. That's it. Super simple and super tasty. They don't mess around. You can't go wrong with the roast beef or the turkey.

Ike's Place (3489 16th St.)
The undisputed sandwich shop of San Francisco is undoubtably Ike's Place. A menu that spans as long as the line, this place packs them in day and night. Another perfect stopover before you head to Dolores Park. I mean, there are sandwiches named after our favorite Giants so how can this not be our favorite? Warning: these sandwiches will get messy, but are they worth it. Must-haves: Menage A Trois and Paul Reubens.

Lou's Cafe (5017 Geary Blvd.)
The premier spot in the Inner Richmond that locals and visitors alike flock to. Lou's is a no-frills sandwhich shop built on delicious, quality ingredients and tasty combinations you can't have anywhere else. Must-haves: Amo-cado and the LLB.

Bite Me Sandwiches (2797 16th St.)
This place in the Mission throws the kitchen sink at you and it's delicious. That said, you'll be surprised by the sparse line. Don't let that dissuade you. Must-haves: Big Zeek, Danny Zuko and the Tom Cat.

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