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August 20, 2014

Best BBQ in San Francisco by Neighborhood

It seems Summer might have shown up on time this year. With the weather heating up, that means it's BBQ season! But since this is San Francisco and a backyard is hard to come by (yes, we're too lazy to drag a grill to the park), we have rounded up the best BBQ in the city. All you have to do is show up and eat. No cooking required (on your part).


Smokin' Warehouse Barbeque (1465 Carroll Ave.)
Yes, you'll need to head to the Bayview for this gem. Yes, it's worth it. Starting out as a small operation with one window, this place became so popular that they had to get a truck to meet demand. Most Popular Dishes: Really anything, but their Smokin' Burger puts us in a food coma every time.

Bernal Heights

Baby Blues BBQ (3149 Mission St).
When you walk into Baby Blues BBQ, you notice a few things right off the bat. The Texas-influenced decor, the smell of the Carolina-style pulled pork and the sight of the St. Louis-style ribs. This hybrid BBQ place, helmed by a few guys who know a thing or to about meat, is every bit delicious. Most Popular Dishes: Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Lasker Burger.


Smokestack (2505 Third St.)
The newest joint in town, Smokestack comes to us from the people behind Magnolia Brewery and Namu Gaji. What does a brewery and a Korean restaurant know about Texas-style BBQ? Apparently a lot. Just like in Texas, slabs of meat get put onto a tray along with your sides. How can this place get any better? It shares the space with a brewery. Most Popular Dishes: Brisket, lamb and harissa sausage.

Financial District

Wexler's and Wexler's Back (568 Sacramento St.)
Right in the heart of Financial District, Wexler's serves non-traditional, but delicious BBQ. We're talking smoked albacore and cheddar grits. If traditional BBQ is what you are looking for, hit up the Wexler's Back Food Truck outside the restaurant for lunch. Most Popular Dishes: Brisket, lamb and harissa sausage.

Lower Haight

Memphis Minnie's (576 Haight St.)
Memphis Minnie’s Barbeque Joint is dedicated to maintaining and celebrating the time honored American traditions of slow smoked southern style BBQ. This means slow smoking meats from 4 to 18 hrs. This also makes our mouth water. This place has a different daily special every day. It will take you weeks to get through the menu. Most Popular Dishes: Sweet smoked pork sandwich or the brisket.

Mission District

Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking (2170 Mission St.)
It wouldn't be southern BBQ if it didn't come from a southern gentleman, right? And what would it be without an extensive whiskey list and beer literally brewed behind the counter? A place we wouldn't want to go. Luckily this place has it all.  Most Popular Dishes: Dinosaur bone or the beef brisket. You can't go wrong with a whiskey in your hand either.


Sneaky's BBQ (359 Divisadero St.)
It's about time this pop-up received a permanent home (sort of). Every Thursday, Sneaky's has been popping up at Vinyl Coffee and Wine Bar on Divisadero. They specialize in Carolina-style pulled pork, secret-recipe ribs, tender barbecued chicken, succulent Kurobuta pork belly, and simple, delicious sides. Most Popular Dishes: Baby-back ribs and the pork belly.

4505 Burgers & BBQ (705 Divisadero St.)
One BBQ place we absolutely know Texans will love. How do we know? A self-proclaimed BBQ expert from Texas devoured one of everything after dinner. His food coma was epic. And with a title like "Best Damn" before a cheeseburger, you know you can't go wrong. Most Popular Dishes: The Best Damn Cheeseburger or the Presidential Plate (come hungry).


Cathead's BBQ (1665 Folsom St.)
Two professional chefs, who met in culinary school. They both came from rural backgrounds where the whole garden to table style of eating played a big part in our lives. They use the whole gamut of necessary tools including charcoal, propane, and electricity to create a variety of dishes that are inspired by their upbringing in Michigan and Tennessee. Most Popular Dishes: Slow Smoked Pulled Pork, Coca-Cola Smoked Brisket, Maker's Mark Portobello Mushrooms and Sweet Tea BBQ Chicken.


Hyde Away Blues BBQ (457 Hyde St.)
Hidden in plain sight sits a delicious BBQ joint in the Tenderloin. It has an old-school feel with a little new school thinking. Most Popular Dishes: Applewood/whiskey soaked pulled pork waffle sandwich and sweet bourbon cornbread.


The Rib Whip
A BBQ food truck, how do they do that? With a smoker installed on-board, that's how. A midwestern-style BBQ place, you'll know when it's around the corner. Yes, by the smell Most Popular Dishes: Pulled Pork Sandwich.


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