Dynamo Donuts and Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco

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September 15, 2014
Cardamom-Apricot Donut and Four Barrel Cappuccino

Dynamo Donuts Named Best Doughnuts in San Francisco

In a city where a foodie has too many choices already, life just got a little bit harder. There is already stiff competition for the city's best when it comes to pizza, burritos and seafood, so why should donuts be any different? One donut shop that keeps topping not only the best of San Francisco lists but is frequently named one of the best donut shops in America is Dynamo Donut + Coffee.

"Food & Wine” magazine has called it the “Queen of the donut scene,” while publications like “Saveur,” “Travel + Leisure” and “Bon Appetit” have cited it as one of the nation’s top spots for these delectable treats.

Founded by pastry chef Sara Spearin, the shop uses organic and local ingredients to produce distinctive flavors like lemon-pistachio, banana de leche, chocolate rose geranium hazelnut and the wildly popular bacon-maple donut with smoky sautéed apples. The menu changes daily but favorites like the bacon donut are available every day.

Make sure to check their website for the daily menu, although the flavors are all delicious. What's your favorite donut shop in the city? Leave it in the comments below.

Photo by Premshree Pillai / CC BY-NC-SA

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