From Tony's history in San Francisco to his delicious award-winning pizzas, here's everything you need to know about Tony's Pizza Napoletana.

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September 18, 2019
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Everything You Need to Know About San Francisco's Tony's Pizza Napoletana

When visiting San Francisco, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is one dining spot certainly not to be missed. The cozy and friendly atmosphere is complete with quality service, delicious beverages, and a prime selection of mouth-watering pizzas that will leave you spoiled for choice.

Tony's Origins

Owner Tony Geminagni was impressed by the traditional napoletana style of pizza-making in Naples. Chef Tony introduced the specialty pizzas to the city of San Francisco, while honing his passion in handmade cuisines. 

Chef Tony has clinched 13 distinguished international pizza awards, most notably “Best Pizza Romana” at the World Championship of Pizza Makers for his margherita pizza and more recently, winning the port category for the inaugural Antonio Mezzero All-Stars Pizza Championship in Porto, Portugal. Additionally, he is a two-time food Network Gold Medalist, Master Instructor at the International School of Pizza and a multiple Guinness World Record holder, including the continuous spinning of the world's largest pizza base spun in 2 minutes.

As if those accolades aren't impressive enough, Tony also holds numerous championship titles for pizza acrobatics (yes, it's a sport), the art of tossing pizza dough at uncanny heights and speeds. This sport involves tossing flour into the air, spinning it around your shoulders or legs, and even juggling multiple pizza doughs at a time. Equal parts chef and athlete, Chef Tony has perfected delicious pizza recipes while also mastering elaborate pizza dough tossing routines to "wow" the crowd.

Authentic Imports

Ingredients are imported straight from the heart of Naples and other parts of Italy on a weekly basis. This ensures the best quality while preserving the authenticity of Italian cuisine. The eatery specializes in the Napoletana style of pizza preparation, which bakes within a traditional 900-degree wood-burning oven.

The restaurant uses herbs and fruits from its rooftop garden for the freshest additions to your dishes. Additionally, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana only uses free-range chickens and is a firm supporter of domestic agriculture. Each meal is served with safely prepared and ethically grown crops and produce.

Premium Pizzas

The restaurant menu features Napoletana pizzas, with a diverse range of other options such as Pizza Romana and popular American versions in the Detroit, Classic American and California styles. Each pizza is specially prepared in one of 7 ovens at Tony’s.


Napoletanas are the highlight of Tony’s and the style that started it all. The pizzeria offers 3 flavors in this signature style: marinara, capodimonte and the award-winning margherita. Be warned, though: the pizzeria only serves 73 orders of their trademark margherita per day, so it is important to make reservations if you wish to try this gourmet dish. 

The margherita pizza is served with san morzano tomatoes, sea salt, mozzarella cheese, basil and sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil. All Napoletana pizzas are vegetarian friendly, making them suitable for the entire family.

California Style

Pizzas prepared in this style follow the methods found within the pizzerias of California. The Porto, the winning entry at the all stars pizza championship in Portugal, is a must-try in this category.

The Porto is topped with chorizo, Topo São Jorge cheese, smoked Portuguese fleur de sel and finished with an aromatic port reduction. With a flavorful blend of exquisite ingredients, it is little wonder why Chef Tony clinched first prize.

Sicilian Slices

The island of Sicily is known for its sandy beaches, breath-taking scenery and, of course, its aromatic pizzas. Chef Tony serves a range of delicious Sicilian pizzas prepared with original recipes that have won international acclaim.

Try the 2 gold cup winners of the international pizza championships, La Regina and Burratina Di Margherita. The La Regina is lightly spiced with soppresata picante and sumptuously topped with servings of parma ham and a variety of cheese, freshened up with a hint of arugula. Burratina Di Margherita is a margherita style pizza perfect for vegetarian diners. The pie is flavored with burrata cheese, accompanied by a mix of fresh tomatoes, basal sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, and a balsamic reduction.

Coal-Fired Selections

Chef Tony’s coal-fired selection of pizzas are flavorful and come topped with fresh oregano and pecorino. Take note: these pizzas are prepared in specialized ovens between 3 and 4 p.m., making them unavailable during that period.

Tony's Slice House

Situated right next to the Napoletana is yet another culinary brainchild of Chef Tony. The Slice House specializes in New York and Detroit styles of pizza. It is a usually less crowded alternative to the Napoletana, so visitors may drop by to guarantee themselves a taste.

Private Events at Tony's

Tony’s in available for private events on Tuesdays. Consider bringing loved ones for a memorable birthday celebration or cocktail reception.

As part of the premium Napoletana experience, guests are encouraged to divide themselves into teams, where they will proceed to face off in a pizza preparation challenge. Guests are then invited to the Cocktail College, where expert bartenders will guide the teams in creating the perfect mix. Each drink is then sampled and rated by the expert.

Visit the official site for further information on pricing and recommendations.


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