Dine at one of San Francisco’s many Michelin-starred restaurants and discover why the city is truly a foodie destination.

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March 17, 2022
Photo courtesy of Mister Jiu's

The Guide to San Francisco’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants

San Francisco is such a hotbed of culinary talent that it can be a challenge figuring out where to enjoy the few meals you have here during your stay. Making that decision even tougher? Our wealth of Michelin-starred restaurants. Yes, San Francisco and the Bay Area have an enviable collection of one-, two-, and three-star honorees—more so than any other destination in the Americas. But don't feel overwhelmed. We've created this quick and easy guide to San Francisco's best so you can decide where to indulge.

Acquerello (1772 Sacramento St.) - 2 Stars

You'll find fine Italian dining at Nob Hill's Acquerello. A neighborhood institution for more than 30 years, Acquerello has been setting the standard for excellence for years. Their first Michelin honor came in 2007. Open for dine-in service.

Al's Place (1499 Valencia St.) - 1 Star

This cool and casual Mission spot inverts expectations by confining meats to side dishes only. You won't be disappointed by their largely vegetarian fare, particularly when it comes to the pickle brined french fries served with smoked applesauce. Open for dine-in service.

Angler (132 Embarcadero) - 1 Star

Facing out on to the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island, Angler's views are topped only by its Michelin-starred seafood. Their raw bar serves up the freshest variety of oysters, and their regular bar has an incredibly deep roster of wines, beers, and cocktails. Open for dine-in service.


Avery (1552 Fillmore St.) - 1 Star

Uniting elevated food with a fun atmosphere, Avery believes that an elegant meal should be lively and relaxed, never hushed. Their single-tasting menu of nine courses offers vibrant and creative dishes that celebrate global flavors and seasonal produce while their beverage program specializes in rare and unique sake as well as Champagnes. Open for dine-in service.

Atelier Crenn (3127 Fillmore St.) - 3 Stars

Iron Chef winner Dominique Crenn has created a personal atelier (workshop) where exquisite, local ingredients merge with European techniques to create "poetic culinaria." In 2019, Atelier Crenn earned its third Michelin star, putting the restaurant and Chef Crenn herself in truly elite company. Open for dine-in service.

Bar Crenn (3131 Fillmore St.) - 1 Star

Another establishment helmed by Chef Dominique Crenn, this neighboring spot is more wine bar than restaurant. However, its tasting menu and a la carte selections include some enviable vegetable and seafood dishes. Temporarily closed.

Benu (22 Hawthorne St.) - 3 Stars

Chef Corey Lee's masterpieces at Benu are inspired by blending traditional and authentic flavors with new and delicious opportunities that come from being open-minded. Another three-star honoree, Benu's tasting menu must be experienced to be believed. Open for dine-in service.


Birdsong (1085 Mission St.) - 2 Star

The 12-course tasting menu at Birdsong is always changing, featuring the finest bounty of the season. The chef's table at Birdsong is counter seating that lets you watch the action in the kitchen for the duration of your meal. Open for dine-in service.

Californios (3115 22nd St.) - 2 Stars

For the most elevated and elegant Mexican cuisine, make a reservation at Chef Val M. Cantu's Mission restaurant, Californios. The dessert selection is always changing, but you can never go wrong ordering whatever's on the menu. Open for dine-in service.

Campton Place (340 Stockton St.) - 2 Stars

At Campton Place, California cuisine meets bold Indian flavors under the talented watch of Chef Srijith Gopinathan. A regular Michelin honoree for the past 10 years, Campton Place is as delicious as it is reliable. Open for dine-in service


Gary Danko (800 North Point St.) - 1 Star

With an accessible tasting menu and flexible main menu that lets you build your own culinary adventure, it's clear why Gary Danko has been a Fisherman's Wharf staple for decades. Temporarily closed.

Ju-Ni (1335 Fulton St.) - 1 Star

You'll feel like royalty at Ju-Ni, where there is a chef at work for every four guests. You'll get to see each sushi dish made before your eyes and learn how and why they come together in such an incredible way. Open for dine-in service.

Kin Khao (55 Cyril Magnin St.) - 1 Star

Located in the Parc 55 Hotel, just steps from the hustle and bustle of Powell and Market streets, Kin Khao is a terrific Thai restaurant. Their chicken wings are big and spicy and can't be passed up. Temporarily closed.

Lazy Bear (3416 19th St.) - 2 Stars

A communal dining experience has never felt quite as good as it does now. Gather round the table at Michelin-starred Lazy Bear to learn alongside your dinner mates how Chef David Barzelay and his talented team create the succulent dishes you're soon to enjoy. Open for dine-in service.

Marlena (300 Precita Ave.) - 1 Star

Husband and wife Chefs David Fisher and Serena Chow Fisher combine their Michelin star pedigree with the comfort of California Cuisine. Located in one of San Francisco's most quintessential neighborhoods on a charming corner across from Precita Park, bold flavors and inventive techniques on a tasting menu that rotates by the season await you. Open for dine-in service.

Mister Jiu's (28 Waverly Pl.) - 1 Star

A relative newcomer, Mister Jiu's stormed out of the gate, earning its first Michelin star the very first year it opened. The cuisine at this buzzy Chinatown restaurant continues to impress. Open for dine-in service.

Mourad (140 New Montgomery St.) - 1 Star

Chef Mourad Lahlou has crafted a reliably delicious menu of Moroccan dishes in his SoMa restaurant. Open for dine-in service.


Niku Steakhouse (61 Division St.) - 1 Star

Located in San Francisco’s Design District, Niku Steakhouse is a meat-focused restaurant, highlighting an in-house dry-aging program, exclusive cuts of coveted Japanese A5 wagyu with an emphasis on wood-fired cooking. Open for dine-in service.

O’ by Claude Le Tohic (165 O'Farrell St.) - 1 Star

On the third floor of One65, a multi-level French concept restaurant reminiscent of the Italian restaurant brand, Eataly, sits one of San Francisco's must-dine establishments. The O’ from O’Farrell reminded Le Tohic of the French “eau,” meaning water. From this, Le Tohic personally developed a refined culinary concept and a menu based on the elements of water, fire and earth. Luxurious but not pretentious, O’ offers modern French cuisine with elegant and attentive service. Open for dine-in service.

Octavia (1701 Octavia St.) - 1 Star

A warm open space with big windows facing out onto the street, Octavia is located where Pacific Heights meets Japantown. It's menu is chock full of so many dishes you'll want to sample, it's best to bring a friend or two. Temporarily closed.

Omakase (665 Townsend St.) - 1 Star

Another exclusive but oh-so-worth-it sushi spot, Omakase seats just 13 people. But what a lucky 13 they must be! Test your mettle with their premium sake pairing on your next visit. Open for dine-in service, curbside/takeout, and delivery. 

The Progress (1525 Fillmore St.) - 1 Star

Created by chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, The Progress offers brunch and dinner menus. The brunch menu offers everything from steamed egg tofu to smoked bacon bratwurst. Temporarily closed. Returning October 2021.


Quince (470 Pacific Ave.) - 3 Stars

With ingredients delivered each day from farms in the East Bay and wine country, the food at Quince is unquestionably fresh. Another three-star winner, Quince is a decadent downtown destination.Open for dine-in service.


Saison (178 Townsend St.) - 2 Stars

Relying almost exclusively on their wood-fired ovens, the talented cooks at Saison can create an infinite combination of dishes from the fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, and fish they receive from their suppliers. Open for dine-in service.

The Shota

The Shota offers Edomae-style omakase sushi and a Kaiseki-inspired dishes. Using seasonal seafood items sourced and jet-flown from the well-known Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan, the chefs maintain the highest quality and ensure authenticity using traditional-Edomae techniques such as aging, curing, and marinating. Open for dine-in service.

Sons & Daughters (708 Bush St.) - 1 Star

With a nine-course tasting menu heavily reliant on fresh produce, Sons & Daughters is a must for any vegetarian visitors to San Francisco. Open for dine-in service.

Sorrel (3228 Sacramento St.) - 1 Star

You might not think that the best thing on the menu at a Cal-Italian restaurant would be a roast duck, but then you haven't been to Sorrel yet. Among many outstanding selections, this entree earns regular raves. Open for dine-in service.

SPQR (1911 Fillmore St.) - 1 Star

This Italian restaurant along one of the busiest neighborhood corridors is a perennial favorite. Its handmade pastas and deep wine collection keep it competitive. Open for dine-in service, curbside/takeout, and delivery. 

Spruce (3640 Sacramento St.) - 1 Star

Spruce is a distinctive restaurant that reflects the charm of its surroundings. Chef Mark Sullivan’s California-inspired American cuisine showcases the freshest and finest ingredients, highlighting seasonal produce and naturally raised meats, poultry and fish. Open for dine-in service, curbside/takeout, and delivery. 


State Bird Provisions (1529 Fillmore St.) - 1 Star

The first creation of chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, State Bird Provisions serves creative California cuisine that's delivered to your table via dim sum carts. Open for dine-in service.


Sushi Hashiri (4 Mint Plaza) - 1 Star

Based in Japanese culinary tradition and supplied by the finest fish markets in Tokyo, Sushi Hashiri offers dishes inspired by the seasons. Temporarily Closed.


Wako Japanese Restaurant (211 Clement St.) - 1 Star

This warm, woody restaurant in the Richmond strives to create meticulous, delicious sushi dishes that will have you coming back for more. Judging by their Michelin star, they've succeeded. Open for dine-in service.

Bib Gourmands in San Francisco

While Michelin Stars are awarded for fine dining, Bib Gourmands are awarded to restaurants that are more informal, yet affordable and accessible to anyone looking for an incredible meal without spending an arm and a leg. Like Michelin Stars, San Francisco has the most Bib Gourmands of any city in California

1601 Bar & Kitchen (1601 Howard St.)

Sri Lankan flavors infuse the dishes at this quiet winner, which also employs Western ingredients to arrive at its very own delicious concoctions. They do have a tasting menu, but lean untraditional with the lamprais, a French bacon-wrapped rabbit loin and eggplant curry stuffed into a banana leaf, or return to tradition with a delicate fermented rice flour and coconut milk "pancake" that is especially elegant here. Temporarily closed.

A16 (2355 Chestnut St.)

An undying favorite of locals and tourists alike, A16 is known for rustic Italian cooking and a vast selection of delicious, unusual wines from all over the boot. The menu changes seasonally, but be on the lookout for the zucca pie. Dinner reservations are indispensable, especially if you want one of the prime counter seats facing the open kitchen, wood-burning pizza oven and seeing the pizza scissors in action. Open for dine-in service and delivery/takeout.

Anchor Oyster Bar (579 Castro St.)

Seafood lovers seeking a taste of the sea can be found pulling up a stool at this Castro institution, where waves of waiting diners spill out the doors. This tiny, minimally adorned space filled with old-fashioned charm is better for twosomes than groups. Dishes not to miss are the Dungeness Crab burger, the Ceasar Salad and the clam chowder. Open for dine-in service.

Berber (1516 Broadway)

This modern club, which offers live cirque performances along with prix-fixe dinners on weekends, makes a fun refuge for a North African-inspirec meal. Drinks however are a priority here all week long. Dishes to keep your eyes out for are the duck confit bastilla as well as tender saffron chicken tajine. Open for dine-in service.

Cotogna (490 Pacific Ave.)

The informal sister restaurant to Michelin Star restaurant, Quince. The menu highlights Chef Michael Tusk’s pastas, like agnolotti del plin, stuffed with rabbit, veal and pork. Seasonal starters include kale and radicchio salad in a tangy vinaigrette with hard-boiled farm egg and pecorino. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

Del Popolo (855 Bush St.)

Del Popolo got their start as a food truck, but their brick-and-mortar restaurant is a place you need to travel to. Chewy, blistered, and caramelized, the crusts arrive with toppings both traditional (mozzarella, crushed tomato and basil) and California fresh (roasted winter squash, mascarpone, spring onions). Open for dine-in service.

Dumpling House (298 Gough St.)

Try the pan-fried baos, poke at the crispy green onion pancakes and sample the hand-pulled noodles. This casual eatery excels in the delicate art of soup dumplings, which arrive with supple skins and spoonfuls of delicious broth far clearer and more distilled than most. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

Flores (2030 Union St.)

Flores is among the city’s best upscale Mexican spots—with the bonuses of heftier portions and a lower price tag. You’ll be able to taste the difference in the handmade corn tortillas that encase an oozy huitlacoche quesadilla, and the tender, citrusy carnitas. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

Flour + Water Pizzeria (702 Valencia St.)

Flour+Water Pizzeria, sister restaurant to its namesake, has a menu is designed for sharing. At its heart are five red and five white pies, big salads, meatballs in marinara, colorful bowls of seasonal, marinated vegetable antipasti and soft serve ice cream. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

Izakaya Rintaro (82 14th St.)

Housed in what looks like a 1906 earthquake cottage and a mechanics garage, you'll walk in and at the sight of the cedar bar you'll be immediately transported to another time and another place. Rintaro is the food of a Japanese Izakaya by way of California. They grill pasture-raised chicken over a binchotan-burning Yakitori Grill. Their udon is kneaded, rolled and cut by hand. Even their wasabi, tofu, umeshu, umeboshi and other fresh pickles are all made in-house. Dishes not to miss out on are the karage, charcoal-grilled skewers, and anything tofu. Open for dine-in and takeout/delivery,

Lai Hong Lounge (1416 Powell St.)

You want an old school dim sum experience? Look no further than the cherry-red dining room of the Lai Hong Lounge. The restaurant, which can hold up to 100 people, usually attracts a mostly Chinese crowd, a testament to its authenticity. Dishes you can miss out on include freshly steamed dumplings, slippery noodle rolls stuffed with sweet barbecue pork, and crispy, golden pan-fried tofu. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

Nari (1625 Post St.)

Tucked inside Hotel Kabuki, is Kin Khao's younger sister restaurant, Nari. The restaurant is a contemporary Thai restaurant (in the middle of Japantown), infusing heritage recipes with a modern Californian sensibility. Menu highlights include crispy fried veal sweetbreads, tangy with tamarind and spicy with chilies; or tender Monterey Bay squid and chili-spiced pork jowl, accompanied by sticky rice served in a banana leaf. Open for dine-in service.

Nopalito (306 Broderick St.)

Nopalito combines traditional, from-scratch Mexican cooking with the vibrant, local ingredients of the Bay Area. The beverage program centers around tequila, mezcal and fresh aguas frescas, and the hospitality emulate the warmth of Mexican culture. Menu highlights include the corn masa tamal, mole poblano and the ubiquitous, but insanely delicious flan. Open for dine-in and takeout/delivery

Okane (669 Townsend St.)

Can't get a reservation or don't want to splurge at Omakase? Head next door to Okane where their food is sourced from Japan and their menu features an array of traditional and refined Japanese comfort food, with sharable vegetable, fish and meat courses, rice and noodles, nigiri sushi and sushi rolls, and assorted specialties. Don't miss out on the ankimo, a monkfish liver, or the sukiyaki, beef hotpot with tofu. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery

Outerlands (4001 Judah St.)

Nestled in the beachside neighborhood called the Sunset, Outerlands is an ideal hangout for locals and visitors looking to eat like locals. You could flock here any time of day and you'd get a great meal. Dishes to check out are the fresh-baked pastries, coffee cake or doughnuts. Heartier appetites come at lunch for the cast iron-grilled cheese with two-bean and parsnip soup. And don't sleep on the Berkshire pork chop for dinner. Open for dine-in service.

Routier (2801 California St.)

Routier is a casual “frenchish” restaurant by Chef JP Carmona, Belinda Leong and Michel Suas. The latter two are owners of B.Patisserie next door. What is a traditional routier you ask? A regional restaurant serving simple and delicious food where the service is prompt and informal, the way the French love to do it. Menu highlights include the Dungeness crab pave, roasted pork tenderloin, and the chocolate hazelnut crunch cake. Open for dine-in service.

Sichuan House (5037 Geary Blvd.)

Located in the Richmond neighborhood, Sichuan House lures diners in Sichuan dishes like the tender lamb chops with a crunchy cumin crust or the pot of Chef's special fish stew heated tableside and served simmering with flavor. This place is the definition of a hidden gem. Open for dine-in service.

Sociale (3665 Sacramento St.)

At Sociale, they work to capture the spirit of Northern Italian food. They love to serve a hearty braise, richly stuffed pastas, simple starters, rustic entrees, and of course, wine. Who doesn't like wine? That's a rhetorical question. Dishes that you can't miss out on are the avocado crostino, halibut with braised sunchokes, and the chocolate oblivion cake. Open for dine-in service and takeout.

Trestle (531 Jackson St.)

Known for their three-course menu for under $40, the only thing you sacrifice is your freedom to chose. There are always two options on the menu and they rotate by the seasons. Of course an additional pasta course can be added if you feel three courses is not enough. If you see these dishes on the menu, you need to get them: potato leek soup with bacon, trout with braised radicchio and vanilla custard with a lemon zest cake. Open for dine-in service.

Tsuta (155 4th St.)

We think this is the only bib gourmand you'll find in a mall anywhere. But at the very least, it's the only award-winning restaurant currently in a mall in San Francisco. There have been lines out the door since the day Tsuta opened. What is everyone waiting for? Ramen, mostly, and a few appetizers and rice dishes. It's really all about the ramen, which comes with a few varieties of broth—including the signature soy-based shoyu and salt-based shio. Open for dine-in service

Um.ma (1220 Ninth Ave.)

Um.ma means “mom” in Korean and the restaurant pays homage not to just Korean moms, but to all moms, since the chefs all think our mothers have the best home cooking. It's not only a tribute to them with the food, but also posters of pop icon moms are strewn on the walls. Dishes you need to get are the kimchi jjigae, steamed egg with smoked salmon roe, scallion relish, and puffed rice, and the kalbi and pineapple soju. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

Yank Sing

This dim sum spot comes with a higher price tag than most, but with it comes a rich history embedded in San Francisco (the original restaurant was founded in 1958) and insanely delicious food. How has this restaurant survived for so long? It's because of their Shanghai soup dumplings, Peking duck and egg custards. Just to name a few. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery

Z & Y (655 Jackson St.)

If you like it hot then this place is heaven for you. Nearly every Sichuan dish is crowned with chilies, which is what makes this restaurant so popular. If you like it hot, get the Sichuan tan tan noodles and the chicken with explosive chili pepper. Open for dine-in service and takeout/delivery.

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