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August 21, 2014

La Nebbia: A New Enoteca and Prosciutto Bar

La Ciccia is on nearly everyone’s short list and not just for Italian food. Since 2006, this Sardinian focused gem where Church meets 30th has been one of the most coveted places for a table in town so the opening of their new enoteca/prociutto bar, La Nebbia, has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the locals.

La Nebbia, which means ‘the fog,’ serves wines from central and northern Italy. In this sense it is a departure from La Ciccia which is focused on Sardinian and southern Italian selections. Even though it ‘only’ covers half the country, the wine list is diverse, going from easy drinking quaffers to bottles that require some patience, if not thought.

The prices are very reasonable with plenty of under $40 selections such as the ’12 San Danato Pinot Nero/Gamay blend from Marchesi Pancrazi ($31) and the ’12 Nusserhof Vino Bianco Blaterle ($38), made from the Blatterle grape that is indigenous to Alto Adige.

If you want to get a bit more serious, the low mark-ups make wines such as the ’07 Radikon Oslavja ($59/500ml), a skin fermented blend of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc more accessible. There are also a half dozen Barolos and Barbarescos priced under $100.

The sparkling wine selection crosses Italy’s border into France and Spain. While waiting for my friends I had a glass of Jean Francois Merieau “Bulles,”($14) a crisp, pleasant sparkling wine made from Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. However, if you want to have a full on Italian wine experience, you can choose from one of three Proseccos or a number of other lesser known sparkling wines from Italy, such as Ettore Germano’s Nebbiolo Brut Rose ($48), a floral, fresh and rare Nebbiolo with fizz.

Given the variety and pricing, it is hard not to order a bottle or three but the by-the-glass selection has plenty to offer. The ’12 Durin Pigato from Liguria caught my eye as previous vintages have been terrific. Francesco Rinaldi’s ’11 Grignolino is also fun but if you want a heavier red, Nino Negri’s ’09 “Quadrio,” Valtellina Superiore has a larger than life personality of a young Nebbiolo.

Prosciutto is the house specialty and there are over a dozen to match your wine. Pizza, burrata, salads and some larger plates from the oven are also served. Admittedly, I was more focused on wine than food but the Stracciatella of Burrata Cantabrian Sea Anchovies Celery ($10) made me put down my glass and take notice.

Unlike La Ciccia which feels like a mom and pop kind of place you would find in a small Italian town, La Nebbia, with its long communal table and L-shaped bar top has the feel of an urban trattoria. Still, it offers another very welcome slice of Italy with San Francisco flair.

La Nebbia
1781 Church St.
San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 874-9924

Photo by Burritos and Mosquitos.

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