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September 10, 2014

Local Chef: Sharon Nahm of E&O Asian Kitchen

Inspired by Dine About Town, San Francisco’s famous “restaurant week,” we are interviewing some of the city’s top chefs about the best places to go for late night grub, their favorite recipes and what makes San Francisco dining utterly unique. We had the pleasure of sitting down with E&O Asian Kitchen's Executive Chef Sharon Nahm, who talks to us about her culinary inspiration, farmers markets and some of her favorite styles of food. Chef Sharon is responsible for revitalizing E&O's menu while creating a wonderful dining experience, making it is a must for all foodies in San Francisco!

What are your recommendations for the best, late night eats in San Francisco?

Vietnam restaurant, Katana-ya, and Cotogna on the weekends

What inspired you to become a chef?

I love food...period. It allows me to be hands on with what I love all the time. What more could I ask for?

How does San Francisco influence you as a chef?

So much is accessible to us here and because a lot of care is put into how it's grown or sourced, it makes you take consideration into what you do with it next. The best dishes have sometimes come from keeping it simple and highlighting an ingredient or ingredients at its peak.

What are your recommendations for sourcing Bay Area ingredients?

Farmers markets. It's the best way to get your hands on what's available right there and then.

What is your favorite food or style and why?

I really enjoy the concept of street food. It's usually simple in appearance and anything but in flavor. Every culture has their version and it embodies the soul of the region or country that it represents.


Born in Korea and raised in California, Sharon Nahm has always had fond memories of food. After being told that she should pursue her passion for food, she enrolled in the California Culinary Academy with no formal culinary training. After graduation, she raised through the ranks of Lark Creek Steak House in Walnut Creek until she reached sous chef. Looking to diversify her culinary experience she then went to work at Kuleto's Italian Restaurant for more than four years. Immediately after Kuleto's, she relocated to E&O where she has thrived for more than 6 years. At E&O she has established a farm-to-table ethos that provides diners with the best quality food possible. The unique Asian style menu really puts Chef Sharon in her comfort zone and is one restaurant that should not be missed.

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